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a ballerina, although usually that phrase is used mostly for girls! A male Ballet Dancer is called a Ballerino

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Q: What is a person who dances at the ballet called?
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Related questions

What is a ballet dancer?

A ballet dancer is a person who dances in ballets, also known as a ballerina.

Who is the person who creates the dances ballet or musical?

The choreography.

What is the role of a male in ballet?

A male ballet dancer dances the roles of men and also dances solo.

What is ballet and ballerina?

Ballet is a type of dance and ballerina is a girl who dances ballet

What are the names for dancing dresses?

for ballet is is called a tutu, then there are ball gowns and crinolines for square dances

What dances was created from ballet?

Ballet is the centre of all dance styles...

What country dances ballet the most?

Russia is the international center of Ballet

What is a a ballet dance performed by one person called?


What country dances ballet?


What do judith jamison do?

she dances ballet.

A female ballet dancer what is called?

A female ballet dancer is called a ballerina. She is a beautiful, graceful, hardworking girl.A dancer, a ballet dancer, a danseuse or a ballerina (an all-purpose compliment for every girl who dances).

What are the twenty most popular dances in the world?

i don't no but ballet and balllroom dances must come some where in that

What is the traditional dances of Venezuela?

some traditional dances in Venezuela are the meringue, the polka, the joropo, and the ballet hispanico.

A set of dances collected from an opera or ballet is?


2 kinds of dances?

Hip Hop and Ballet

What are the styles of dance are used in ghost dances?


Similarities between African dance and Ballet?

Ballet dance and African dance are both performance dances.


The person who puts together steps for a ballet dance is called a choreagrapher?

What dance company dances at the Met?

The American Ballet Theatre Company (ABT) dances at the Metropolitan Opera House.

What dances do you do in high school?

high school has many dances such as, comtemperary, hip hop, ballet, and many others

When did the ghost dances first premier?

1981 Ballet Rambart

Tap lrish and ballet are all types of what?

types of dances

Is it true that Sianad Gregory dances ballet?

yes! absolutely!

Are there more dances?

There are alot of Dances like * Ballet * Hip-hop * Jazz * Tap * Folk dance * free move *

What music do classical ballet dances dance to?

they dance to classical music

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