What is a period in hockey?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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A period in Ice Hockey is a 20 minute part of the game. All games consist of three periods. In other words a normal game is one hour. Each period ends with a short rest period.

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Q: What is a period in hockey?
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How many minutes in hockey period?

In professional hockey there is 20 minutes a period in smaller leagues it varies.

How many minutes in a hockey period?

20 per period

What is the SO period in ice hockey?

Shoot Out

How long is a hockey period?

20 minutes.

How many periods in hockey?

There are 3 periods in Ice Hockey. there are 20 mins in each period.

What is period one in hockey?

The first of 3 even amounts of time in a hockey game. Hockey has 3 periods per game. It is usually called the 1st period, not period one. Technically an overtime counts is a period, which means games can have an unlimited number of periods. I think the record for an NHL game is 6 overtimes, or 9 periods.

How long is a period in an ice hockey game?

twenty minutes for each period. There are three periods.

How many period are there in a national hockey league game?


Is there half time in NHL Hockey?

yes after the 2nd period

Does hockey have a time limit?

in 1 period it is 1 minute

What time is third period in a hockey game?

Third period starts 40 minutes into the game and lasts 20 minutes.

In hockey what does P mean?

p generally stands for points