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A football position

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Q: What is a passive defender?
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Is Mark was given a warning active or passive?


What does a card with defender do in Magic the Gathering?

The ability "Defender" is actually a disability, a creature with defender cannot attack. Creatures with Defender often have "Wall" as their type.

What is the latin word for Defender?

The word defender is said in the Latin language as defensor. The word defender in French is defensaur and in Italian as difensore.

What is the opposite of argumentative?

passive? passive? passive?

What is the Aramaic word for defender?

defender = מגן (magén)

How do you be a defender in aq?

You have to verify either Dragonlord , Starlord or Guardian to get defender when you verify one of the 3 you can get Defender

Who is Manchester uniteds worst defender?

The fact is that a worst defender is all on opinion. It depends on your choice. There can't be a worst defender.

Is the cat was injured in a fight passive or active?

the cat was injured in a fight passive or active

What did military theorist Carl Von Clausewitz list as four possible moves for a defender under attack?

When the defender faced an assault from the enemy, Carl Von Clausewitz provided four possible alternatives for the defending army. These were:1. Deep retreat; 2. Passive defense under the cover of entrenchments; 3. Counter attack; and 4. Strategic turning movement.

What does defender mean in spanish?

Defender. Proteger, resguardar, salvaguardar

What does a defender in socccer do?

a defender helps out a goalie and blocks shot

How do you get defender class in AQWorlds?

you get defender class is menber only

Is Godzilla a earth defender?

Yes Godzilla is a earth defender.

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Defender of the Crown happened in 1986.

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The Lone Defender was created in 1930.

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