What is a parry in fencing?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Saber Fencing ParriesThe parry six in saber Fencing is basically a parry five, with your weapon arm on the other side of where your arm would have been if it was a parry five. So if your weapon arm fist was on your right when you do a parry five, it will be on the left in a parry six. The blade still blocks the same target area as the parry five (the head), but exposes your forearm to attack (which is why few people use it).

There is no Parry 8 in Saber Fencing, though.

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  • Parry 1 (prime) Palm down, Tip down Cross body
  • Parry 2 (seconde) Palm down, Tip down Straight out
  • Parry 3 (tierce) Palm down, Tip up Straight out
  • Parry 4 (quarte) Palm down, Tip up Cross body
  • Parry 5 (quinte) Palm down, Tip down Cross body
  • Parry 6 (sixte) Palm up, Tip up Straight out
  • Parry 7 (septiem) Palm up, Tip down Cross body
  • Parry 8 (octave) Palm up, Tip down Straight out

There is also a little-used, ninth parry, circu. In this, the palm faces up, the arm is across the body and raised to about chin height and the blade is horizontal.

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A defense from an attack. A defense from an attack.

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Q: What is a parry in fencing?
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What is a beat parry?

A beat parry is a deflection of an oncoming attack in the game of fencing with a sharp striking motion.

What is a yielding parry?

A yielding parry is a fencing term for a deflection of an attack by maintaining contact with the blade and changing the point of contact between the blades.

What is a rapid counterattack thrust called in the sport of fencing?

a riposte (pronounced re-post) its a parry followed by a quick attack. a parry is a defensive move used to deflect an attack.

What is the definition of a parry in foil fencing?

It depends mostly on the weapon. Also there are many types of parries that are possible and there are many different directions that you can parry. But the most common is the opposition parry. In epee a 4 opposition is done by moving your fencing hand across and up of your body so that by the time you finish your hand should be at shoulder level on the opposite side of your body.

What is a Counteracting movement in fencing called?

A riposte. Counteracting being a very general term, one could say that there are many counteracting movements in fencing. Ripostes, parry ripostes, counterattacks, attacks in preparation, and point in lines are all forms of counteracting an opponent's movement or attack.

What is a circular manoeuvre of the sword in fencing to block or defect a lunge?

Often called a 'circular parry' or 'counter ____' the blank being sixte, quarte etc where the blade is 'taken' and allows neatly for a riposte or disengage

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