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not sure if any sport uses parallelograms but hockey (in the NHL that is) has a trapezoid shape behind the nets, which is part of the goalie's crease.

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Q: What is a parallelogram used for in sports?
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Is a parallelogram a parallelogram?

yes a parallelogram is a parallelogram

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it is a ............................................................................................. parallelogram

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No, a parallelogram is not always a square, but a square is a parallelogram.

What is a side of a triangle or parallelogram which is used to help find the area called?

The side of a triangle or parallelogram used to help find area is called the base. Area is base times height in a parallelogram. In a triangle, it is 1/2 times base times height.

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Square = parallelogram and a square trapezoid = trapezoid Parallelogram = Parallelogram

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Is a parallelogram is a square?

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because both lines are paralle so it is a parallelogram

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How can you used a triangle to prove quadrilateral is a parallelogram?

A quadrilateral, in general, is not a parallelogram. If it is a parallelogram then you will have some additional information about its sides and angles. If you do not have such information it is not possible to prove that it is a parallelogram. Draw a diagonal which will divide the quadrilateral into two triangles and use the additional information that you have to show that the triangles are congruent. This can then be used to show equality of sides or of angles: the latter can then be used to show that sides are parallel. Note that the choice of which diagonal may influence how (if at all) you proceed.

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If it is a parallelogram, then it has two sets of parallelogram sides. Parallelograms' opposite angles are congruent A parallelogram's bisectors are congruent. * * * * * A parallelogram's bisectors are NOT congruent.

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By definition, a parallelogram has four sides. There is no other type of parallelogram.