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Its a type of volleyball serve when the server swings their hand over their head to hit the ball over the net to the other team.

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Q: What is a overhand serve?
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What is the overhand in volleyball?

The overhand in volleyball is a serve, an overhand SERVE. They sometimes are VERY POWERFUL, and right over the net, or they could be high, and up in the air.

What is the difference between an overhand serve and a underhand serve?

An overhand serve is much harder, you can do a lot more with underhand serve is short, and doesn't have a lot of speed to it.Overall, when you serve you want to get good at the overhand serve and eventually try to do a jump serve.

Do you have to serve overhand in tennis?

No you don't have to in fact, former French Open champion Michael Chang often resorted to the underhand serve. But the overhand serve is greatly recommended as more power is achieved when hit overhand.

Two ways to serve the ball in volley ball?

You can serve the ball overhand and underhand. Also, when serving the ball overhand you can also do a jump serve.

Most popular serve technique?


Do you have to serve underhand In badminton?

No you can serve underhand or overhand it doesnt matter

What are the 3 kinds of serving in volleyball?

there is an Underhand Serve Overhand Serve and Jumpspike Serve

Name the two ways to overhand serve in volleyball?

jump serve or topspin serve

What is the overhand serve in volleyball?

An overhand serve is when you toss a ball in the air and hit it by swinging your hand in the air and hitting it with your palm and getting it over the net.

Which is more harder to return overhand or underhand serve?

I saw overhand because its comes in alot harder.

What are the different serves involved in volleyball?

Underhand serve, Overhand serve, Jump Serve, Floater serve.

What are the different services in a volleyball game?

Jump serve skyball serve spike overhand serve

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