What is a off side goal?

Updated: 10/24/2022
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An offside goal is one that is scored by an offside player. If the assistant referee is out of position, he may not realize that the scorer is offside and the goal may stand. Usually, however, offside goals are disallowed and the defending team is awarded an indirect free kick.

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Q: What is a off side goal?
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What happens in netball if you centre goes into the goal circle?

it means outside of the lines or off side dummies

How does a soccer play start after a goal?

What they usually do is take the ball out of the goal and then after all the celebration they start they ball off into the middle with the opposing side getting possesion with the ball.

What is the goal in war?

The major goal is for one side to defeat the enemy the goal in war is to hurt the other side not kill but hurt.

What olympic sport has an off-side rule?

English football uses the offside rule where at least on defender has to be between the attacker and the goal.

When the ball crosses the end line and the defensive team last touched the ball the offensive team gets a 1 point?

The offensive team gets a free kick

When is it a goal throw in soccer?

When a goal is scored off a throw in

Word used when a goal is scored for the opposing side?

This is called an "own goal."

What does goal side of a player mean?

To be in front of and between the goal and the other opponent

What is goal tending in polocrosse?

Goal tending is when a person stands between the goal posts with a racquet and catches the ball when someone tries to score a goal. If they score then the goal tender holds their racquet straight up in the air. If the miss then the goal tender waves the racquet from side to side.

Who kicks off after a goal?

The opposition (or whoever didn't score the goal)

What kind of goal do you call if a goalkeeper kicks it in the goal on the other side of the field.?

Its still a goal, it doesn't matter who scores it.

Where do netball they stand?

Center - can go anywhere except into the goal squares on both sides.Goal Attack - can go into the goal square where they are shooting, the third they started off with and the middle third.Goal Defence - can go into the goal square they are defending, the third they started in and into the middle third.Wing Attack - can go into the third they started off with and the middle third.Wing Defence - can go into the third they started off with and the middle third.Goal Shooter - can go into the the goal square and the the third on the side they are shooting.Goal Keeper - can go into the goal square they are defending and the third they on the side that they are defending.The positions are easy to remember. It is best if you memorise it instead of going where your opponent goes.