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the "no-charge zone" in Basketball is a little half-circle below the rim. once a player steps into that half-circle than a charging penalty cannot be called.

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Q: What is a no-charge zone in basketball?
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How long is the restricted zone in basketball?

the zone inside the key

What is the neutral zone in basketball?

the neutral zone is the one center circle

What are the two main defences in basketball?

The defenses in basketball are man to man and zone.

What is a zone offense play in basketball?

a number of basketball plays which are presented by an animation

What is a zone in basketball?

the area in which a defender covers

In basketball where is the scoring zone?

anywhere you can shoot from

What types of defense are there in basketball?

Man and zone.

What are 2 kinds of defense in basketball?

Man And Zone

What are two defense techniques in basketball?

man and the zone

What does no zone mean in basketball?

Zone is when you are covering a "spot" or area, so no zone would mean you are now covering a person.

How long has zone been taken out of weekend basketball?


Two defense techniques in basketball?

the zone and player-player!

What is zone defense?

A zone defense is a strategy used in a basketball game. Zone defense- a defensive strategy where everyone guards an area instead of a player.

What are techniques in basketball?

I Think It May Be Man And Zone? What Is This For?I Do This In Btec Sportxx

What is the most effective basketball offense for 6th grade boys?


What are the three main types of defence in basketball?

Zone, man, and press/trap

How do you get 10000 nickpoints on nicktropolis?

Play the goldfish basketball in the goldfish zone Dragonxer

Is zone better or man on man in 5th grade basketball?

Probably zone, unless your guys are super tall and super fast

What does it mean in NBA basketball deffensive 3 seconds?

it means that your standing in a zone.. in the Nba u can play a zone. You have to be moving the whole time

What happens in basketball when one foot is in the 2 point zone and the other foot is in the 3 point zone and you shoot and make it?

You get two points.

How do you play zone basketball?

you areasigned a zone by your coach and u play there and u have to be in that area so ur player can see that ur open

Does a basketball player have to be in the playing zone at all times?

Yes unless he is out on a penalty or injured.

Can you play a zone defense in middle school basketball?

Yes yes yes yes

What is a zone defense in basketball?

you stay in one position and dont guard a single player

What has the author Jack W Richards written?

Jack W. Richards has written: 'Attacking zone defenses in basketball' -- subject(s): Basketball, Offense