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Penn State's nickname is the Nittany Lions. There is a range of ridges in the Appalachian Mountains not far from the Penn State campus called Nittany Mountain. There used to be mountain lions that roamed that range.

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Mount Nittany is located very near the Penn State campus and mountain lions used to live there.

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Q: What is a nittany...isn't a nittany lion penn states mascott?
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Nittany Lion

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Penn State has a Nittany Lion as a Mascot.

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The Nittany Lion.

When was the nittany lion created?

agust 1,1900

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Where can someone find information about nittany lion?

The Nittany Lion is a mascot for the athletic teams of Pennsylvania State University. Information can be found on the Wikipedia website and also the Penn State Athletics official website.

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What former nittany lion holds the school record for career double-doubles with 38?

John Amaechi

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