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An egg

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Q: What is a nickname for a baseball coach?
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What was the nickname of the head coach for the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2006?

The coach of the Steelers in 2006 was Bill Cowher and his nickname was "The Chin."

What nickname does mitch use for morrie?


Did Tom Landry have a nickname?

God's Coach

What Notre Dame hoops coach got his nickname from his familys undertaking business?

coach bille

Did John Ford have a nickname?

John Wayne allways calle him "Coach" so that became his nickname.

What is coach Bill Parcel's nickname?

Big Tuna

Who gave Michigan stadium its nickname?

Coach Fritz Crisler!

Was George Bush junior a baseball coach a baseball coach?

He was the owner of the Texas Rangers.

Why is the union-endicott high school stadium named after ty cobb?

The Ty Cobb for whom the stadium is named is not the famous baseball player. He was a local football coach given that nickname.

When was Gary Ward - baseball coach - born?

Gary Ward - baseball coach - was born in 1940.

When was Danny Hall - baseball coach - born?

Danny Hall - baseball coach - was born in 1954.

When was Collegiate Baseball Coach of the Year created?

Collegiate Baseball Coach of the Year was created in 1980.

What coach is niknamed ''tuna''?

Bill Parcells's nickname is 'The Big Tuna'.

On Cheers which sport did Coach coach?


3 Who is the head baseball coach at UCLA?

The current head coach for the UCLA baseball team is John Savage.

Who is the varsity baseball coach at Central Cabarrus High School?

The baseball coach at Central Cabarrus is Jim Knight.

When was Brian O'Connor - baseball coach - born?

Brian O'Connor - baseball coach - was born on 1971-04-21.

When was John Cohen - baseball coach - born?

John Cohen - baseball coach - was born on 1966-09-21.

When was Mike Gillespie - baseball coach - born?

Mike Gillespie - baseball coach - was born on 1940-05-07.

When was Brad Hill - baseball coach - born?

Brad Hill - baseball coach - was born on 1962-05-02.

When was Jim Morris - baseball coach - born?

Jim Morris - baseball coach - was born on 1950-02-20.

When was George Horton - baseball coach - born?

George Horton - baseball coach - was born on 1953-10-05.

What is the nickname of the coach for 2008 US men's basketball team?

Redeem Team

What baseball player is nickname Frenchie?

The baseball player whose nickname was Frenchy was Stanley George Bordagaray.

How much does a college baseball coach get paid?

its diffrent with evry coach