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An imaginary area as wide as the length of the football extending across the field between the lines of scrimmage, in which the presence of any player other than the center at the snap of the ball constitutes a violation of the rules.

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the neutral zone is the one center circle

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Q: What is a neutral zone and how is it used for hockey?
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What is the neutral zone in hockey?

The zone between the two blue lines

What are the '' zones'' on ice hockey?

The neutral zone, the defensive zone and the offensive zone. Both the defensive zone and offensive zone depend on which direction your team is going. The neutral zone is found within the two blue lines.

How many zones on an International Hockey Pitch?

If you are referring to zones on a hockey rink, there are three. The Attacking Zone is the other teams end, the neutral Zone is the central area where the puck is dropped at the beginning of the period, after a goal or after a miscall by a linesman. The last zone is the Defending Zone and it is the area controlled by your team.

Is there a sports word that starts with z?

Zamboni is a hockey word. A Zamboni is a machine used to clean the ice at a hockey game. Zone defense is a term on basketball, football and hockey.

What is an offensive zone in hockey?

I believe the offensive zone is the zone where you are trying to score in.

In ice hockey myskates are in the offensive zone and I've touched the puck in the neutral zone am i offside?

You are not offside. The puck must enter the offensive zone for offsides to be called. Further, a player's skates can enter the offensive zone before the puck, provided the player is in control of the puck and no other offsides conditions are in effect.

Is the blue line a part of the neutral zone?

The blue line is what separates the neutral zone from a team's offensive and defensive zones.

How many faceoff spots are there on a hockey rink?

There are a total of nine faceoff spots on a standard hockey rink. There is one at center ice, and two in each of the defensive and offensive zones.

Neutral zone between north and south Korea?

The neutral zone between North Korea and South Korea is known as the DMZ or Demilitarized Zone. It is the most heavily militarized border in the world.

What do you do at flyers skate zone?

skate and play ice hockey

How do you get a penalty for crease violation playing hockey?

If you are the offensive player, and any part of your body is in the crease when the puck isn't, then the ref blows the whistle and the faceoff is outside attacking zone in the neutral zone.The player in the crease does not get a minor penalty.

Is there a neutral zone between the federation and the Romulans in Star-trek?

There is a 'Neutral Zone' between the United Federation of Planets and the Romulan's Star Empire . ~ See related link below .