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a mogul is a mound of snow that skiiers build up by going down a pieste

over time this mound of snow gets bigger, becomes permanant and then is called a mogul



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โˆ™ 2009-10-19 09:37:22
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Q: What is a mogul on a ski run?
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How do you spell mogle?

That tricky hill on a ski run is a 'mogul'

Is mogul a rabbit name?

a mogul is a bump on a ski hill.

How do you use the word mogul in a sentence?

On the ski slope there was a mogul right in the front

What is a ski slope bump called?


What is the name of a ski slope bump?


Is it possible to mogul ski outside of the Olympics?

Yes, most resorts have some mogul pistes.

Who is mogul?

a mogul is a lump on a ski hill that forms because of people going on the same route over and over

What does the word mogel mean?

Mogel is not a word in the English dictionary, but mogul is. Mogul is defined as a bump which is present on a ski slope.

What is the ski mogul Olympic event?

Where the athlete's do tricks and ski on the bumps. They must keep their feet as close as possible.

Is mogul skiing dangerous?

Mogul skiing is only dangerous if you ski out of control. If you feel you are a confident skiier and can handle most runs then moguls are not a problem. :)

What is the secret word from gs mission?

mogul find on the sign on ski mountain

What is the word on club penguin on top of the ski hill pole on the far right?


Which three events are a part of freestyle skiing?

Aerial skiing Mogul skiing and ski cross

What sport do you ski down a snowy bumpy hill and do jumps?

Mogul skiing is a freestyle skiing competition consisting of one timed run of free skiing on a steep, heavily moguled course, stressing technical turns, aerial maneuvers and speed. Internationally, the sport is contested at the FIS Freestyle World Ski Championships, and at the Winter Olympic Games.

What do you need to run a ski store?


Which letter in Club Penguin is the answer for misson 2?

you go to the ski hill and check those words but i think it is mogul.

What colour represents the easiest ski run?

Color green represents the easiest ski run

Where is the mogul on Club Penguin?

It is on one of the signs on the stand on the ski hill.The word needs decoding with the secret agent code

What is the worlds longest ski run in the us?

The world´s longest ski run is in Europe, not in the US.

What is the code for g mission?

The code is: mogul. U see, it was pointing to Bunnyhill on the Ski Mountain!!

What is a ski lift?

A ski lift is an mechanic chair suspended from a cable that takes you to the top of the ski run.

What is another name for a ski slope?

Another name for a ski slope is a ski run, or in Europe they call it a piste.

What is the difference between a ski-piste and a ski-route?

A ski piste is groomed by a piste basher and is marked by poles either side of the run. A ski route is not groomed by a piste basher and usually has poles down the centre of the run.

Is freestyle skiing the same as mogul skiing?

You might be thinking of professional skiing. As in the Olympics, Freestyle skiing is a discipline which contains a: Mogul event Areial event Ski-cross event So really, mogul skiing is a type of freestyle skiing.

Club penguin point to a path with a rabbit in its name?

The bunnyhill on ski mountain.if ur talking about g's secret mission, it's "mogul" without the qoutesWell, if you're quoting what ''G'' says on Clubpenguin, just try to figure it out. (Hint) It's a ski hill on Clubpenguinhare coursing?i believe it's a jackrabbit.mogul