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Q: What is a match with two teams of two tennis players called?
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How many players on a doubles tennis match?

2 teams of 2 players so 4 all together.

How many players a there in a cricket match?

There are a total of 24 players in one match. Two teams each with 11 players and 1 substitute which makes 12 + 12 a total of 24 per match.

How many players in a throwball match?

It's played by two teams of seven players each - making 14 in total.

How many players are in a match of football?

A match is played by two teams, each consisting of not more than eleven players, one of whom is the goalkeeper. A match may not start if either team consists of fewer than seven players.

How many players are in Cricket game?

A cricket match is played between 2 teams, each team consisting of 11 players.

What is a sport with only 2 players?

When talking about on separate teams you can have singles tennis, but when on the same team there is beach volleyball, doubles tennis, and two person bobsled.

How many players in a netball match?

There are 7 on court per team at a time so in a match there would be 14 between the 2 teams.

How many competitors are there in curling?

A curling match is played between two teams of four players each.

How many play in the ryder cup?

Each team consists of 12 players. On Friday and Saturday there is a fourball match (4 teams of two for each team), and a foursomes match (again 4 teams of two for each team), Saturday is the same, and on Sunday all 12 players play a singles match.

What are the teams in volleyball?

Their are always two teams involved in a match of volleyball. Each team is required to have six on the court at a time. In some cases, if a player is injured during the match, they can continue with five players.

Can the teams practice on holidays?

Yes, most professional teams allow their players off during Holidays but have often practiced if a big match is in their future.

What sports have teams and what sports do not have teams?

tennis,table tennis,soccer,swimming,netball and so on are have teams and you could do these in by your self

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