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YO. Only team to go undefeated. All season. Won Superbowl 8 with Griese.

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Q: What is a major accomplishment of the Miami Dolphins?
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In what state is Dolphins football from?

The Dolphins are based in Miami. Miami is one of the major cities located in Florida. They are the only professional football team located in Florida.

What is the hometown of the Miami Dolphins?

it is the name, Miami is the hometown of the MIAMI dolphins

What state is the dolphins?

The Miami Dolphins are from Miami, Florida.

What was a major accomplishment in the Island of the Blue Dolphins?

She is able to survive until another ship returnes to the Island

What is Floridas major sports teams?

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Miami Dolphins, Orlando Magic, Miami Marlins, Jacksonville Jaguars, Miami Heat.

When was Miami Dolphins created?

Miami Dolphins was created in 1966.

Who is the Miami Dolphins Founder?

The founder for the Miami Dolphins Joesph Robbie

What is Will Davis's number on the Miami Dolphins?

Will Davis is number 29 on the Miami Dolphins.

What NFL team did Nick Sabin coach?

Miami Dolphins

What are the PMS colors for the Miami Dolphins?

what are the official PMS colors for the Miami Dolphins

Who is coach for Miami Dolphins?

The head coach of Miami Dolphins is Joe Philbin.

What football team does Austin mahone go for?

Miami Dolphins.