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A magnetic ball pocket is used on many pool tables, especially ones that charge per play. It will ensure that the balls are collected after they are sunk.

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Q: What is a magnetic ball pocket?
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What is a shot pocket in basketball?

The shot pocket is the area in your shot when you have a "pocket" to hold the ball in. right before you shoot the ball, and before your guide hand leaves the ball when your arm is bent backwards and you are in the air about to shoot, when the ball is currently positioned is the shot pocket. with both hands on the ball and the ball is ready to shoot.

If a ball stopped on the edge of a pocket falls in the pocket after another shot is played what is the status of that ball?

If the ball went in the pocket during the second shot, then it was sunk on that shot just as if it had been hit down by another ball.

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When a cue ball stops in a pocket then falls into the pocket do you replace the cue ball back on the table in the pocket where it fell?

Yes. If the previous shot is "over" , then the cueball will be replaced.

How is One Pocket different than 8 ball?

In 8 ball all balls can be shot into any pocket whereas in one pocket each player uses a corner pocket at the same end of table.

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Moeris pocket watch with gold filagry dial what year?

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Can you kiss a solid ball off a stripe ball to make the solid ball go in the called pocket?

yes, that is perfectly legal. Your target ball may contact any other ball or cushion on the table before going in the pocket.

Do you lose the game if while shooting at the 8 ball you put oponents ball in the pocket before the 8 ball?


How do you stretch a lacrosse pocket?

1. Get the Mesh (pocket) of the stick wet with warm water 2. Place a tennis ball or lacrosse ball in the pocket 3. Put a butter knife between the side wall and the mesh

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