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Q: What is a lithograph signed by Wilt Chamberlain and John Havlicek worth?
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How much is Stacey Baumgardner signed lithograph worth?


How much is a sehring signed and numbered lithograph worth today boy and girl at beach?

A signed and number Sehring Lithograph of a boy and a girl in a beach is at least $150.

Rudolf Mayer- what is laguna and romance lithograph that is signed worth today?

Hotel Laguna by Mayer

Is a 1975 hahn vidal lithograph signed and numbered worth anything?

Probably, if its in mint condition.

How much is a signed lithograph by Dvorak of Mickey Mantle worth with Mantles signature?

5 dollars at the max

What is a signed limited edition lithograph of the mural Procession at Chalma worth?

$500.00 or $675.00 replacement value.

HoOw much is Christine Rosamond's Lithograph Simone worth?

If it is a signed and numbered lithograph, between $3500-5000, since it is no longer available from the artist's gallery. Otherwise most of her lithographs are closer to $2000.

I have an tom Watson lithograph watercolor drawing by Robert riger it's limited edition of 1000 signed by tom Watson for fila sports can anyone give me a ball park figure of worth thanks?

I also have this lithograph. Have you received any information on its worth?

What is the value of a Francis Bacon lithograph?

A signed, numbered lithograph with good provenance is worth $10,000-$20,000. A triptych is worth more ($15,000-$25,000) and large-scale lithographs (>50 inches) start at $50,000 and go up from there. (Source: Sold results)

How much are Red Skelton numbered and signed lithograph prints on canvas worth?

The value of a Red Skeleton signed and numbered lithograph on canvas depends on the design as well as the condition. Some in excellent condition are valued between 250.00 and 600.00 as of 2014.

What is a signed 'Fille de Minos' print by Salvador Dali worth?

A signed print of Fille de Minos by Salvador Dali is estimated to be worth about six or seven thousand dollars. This is for a 15 inch by 18 inch framed and signed limited edition lithograph.

How much is your small lithograph of Blue Ice by Christine Rosamond worth?

If it is signed and numbered , and in pristine condition, may be upwards of $2,000. Definitely worth a professional appraisal and authentication.