What is a leaf made of?

Updated: 12/15/2022
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I'm guessing some kind of... thin sensitive wood?

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Q: What is a leaf made of?
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What can you make from a leaf?

A leaf is made from a number of tissues.

Is a leaf a tissue or an organ?

Yes, the leaf is considered a plant organ.

Where are the food for photosynthesis made in a leaf?

It is made in the cell organelle called the Chloroplasts on the top side of the leaf

Is the leaf of a plant a cell?

Leaf is not a cell.It is made up of cells.

What is crack cocaine made out of?

it is made out of the coca leaf

Pitcher of pitcher plant is made of?

It is made up from leaf

Is flour made from the leaf of wheat?

No, it's made from the seeds.

In which part of a leaf is a food made?

Food is made in any cell containing chloroplasts. The greatest contribution is by the pallisade cells on the upper surface of the leaf.

Does a leaf cell contain cell membrane?

No, a leaf is part of a plant. Therefore the leaf is made up of "plant" cells. So it has a cell wall.

Who invented the maple leaf flag?

rosh maliyil made the first maple leaf ever in history

Which layer of a leaf is not made up of cells?

The cuticle

Where are gas powered leaf blowers made?

in a factory !