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When a boxer, as a result of a heavy blow goes down, the referee starts counting. If the boxer is not up till count of 10 he will be considered 'Knocked Out'.

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Q: What is a knockout in boxing?
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What film was about knockout boxing?

There have been many, many films about boxing.

What does the boxing term KO stands for?

KO means a Knockout

Where are the knockout places on a person in boxing?

Temple and side of the jaw

How fast was the quickest knockout in Wii Boxing?

14 seconds

In boxing what does KO stand for?

In boxing, KO stands for 'knockout.' A knockout is when a boxer loses by being unable to get up unassisted and continue fighting after a count of ten. His/Her opponent is then declared the winner.

Worlds quickest boxing knockout?

Mike Tyson 8 secs

What is the secret code for 2d knockout boxing?

the secret code is FISH

What boxing match had the most knockouts?

A boxing match ends after a person gets knocked out so no more than one knockout per match.

Who had the most knockout percentage in boxing history?

Edwin Valero = 100% knockout ratio 25 wins, no defeat, all 25 by KO. 19 of which in round 1

What was boxing legend Muhammed Ali's record?

Muhammad Ali's boxing record was 56-37-5. 56 wins 37 by knockout and 5 losses

Which sports is associated the term knockout?

Traditionally it is through fighting sports. MMA's Strikeforce, UFC, and Tapout all use the term knockout. Also, Boxing uses this term.

What are the ways to win a boxing match?

knockouttechnical knockout (also involves resignation)judge points decisiondisqualification

In a boxing match between Hoda Kotb Kathie Lee who would win how?

Hoda Kotb , by knockout !

Who had the Fastest heavyweight boxing knockout?

The record holder is Jimmy Thunder who knocked out Crawford Grimsley in 13 seconds in round 1

What is a boxing match outcome?

one is KO which means that you knockout your opponent the other situation is that referee announced who wins according to points

How many rounds was the long bare knuckle boxing match?

I may be wrong, but I think there was no limit on the number or rounds in bare knuckle boxing, so that a match would likely end with a knockout. Boxing gloves and round limits were among several additions intended to make boxing more humane.

What is a deck in the ring?

KAYO (meaning Knockout) Explanation: To "deck" is slang for hitting, therefore to"deck in the ring" is the term for a "KAYO" knockout in the boxing ring. "Deck" in this can have a double meaning as a verb refering to the action of hitting, and as a noun refering to the floor in the nautical term "deck" where the resulting knockout would send the person.

What are the four ways to win a boxing match?

There are actually 5 ways, the first three equivalent to a knockout: 1) knockout 2) technical knockout TKO (ref stops fight, corner stops fight) 3) corner retirement/stoppage/RTD (fighter does not answer bell) 4) decision (unanimous or split) 5) forfeit/disqualification

What is the duration of The Knockout?

The duration of The Knockout is 1620.0 seconds.

What is the function of knockout pins in the press tools?

The knockout pins hit the transfer plate, actuating the knockout cylinders.

Who has the fastest knockout in all of boxing history?

Answer: ''James Thunder Peau'' ''In 1 point 7 second's of the very first round'' ''1997'' ON ''USA'' ''Tuesday Night Fights''

What is a knockout rod?

a knock out rod is the rod that will knockout you when you use it

When did Knockout Kings happen?

Knockout Kings happened in 1998.

When was Knockout Kings created?

Knockout Kings was created in 1998.

When was The Knockout created?

The Knockout was created on 1914-06-11.