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Q: What is a kick serve?
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Is kick serve wrong in tennis?

A kick serve becomes less effective when the returner can predict when it is coming. Because of the greater spin, a kick serve travels less slowly. If the returner can position himself to strike the ball before the kick takes effect, he can punish the return severely. Many servers use the kick serve as their second serve; however, they must still occasionally throw in a slice second serve to prevent returners from getting grooved on their returns.

How far can you kick a volleyball?

u bump set spike and serve a volleyball, not kick it.

How do you hit a twist serve?

this is not the same as the heavy topspin serve that also goes by the nick name of "Kick" Serve. This question is about the "American" Twist serve.

What are the four types of serves in tennis?

There are four types of serves in tennis: The Flat Serve, The Slice Serve, The Kick Serve, and the American Twist.

What are two things volleyball players are not allowed to do on a serve?

You are not allowed to throw the ball, kick the ball or head the ball over the serve. You also only have 8 seconds to serve, if you take longer than that, you will be given a delay penalty and the opposition will be given the serve.

Can you kick your spouse out after they are served divorce papers?

No. You must serve eviction papers on them and that assumes they have no legitimate claim on the residence.

What are the rules and regulations of volleyball game?

you cant kick the ball you have to do it witha clean serve andd more lol

New rules in volleyball?

You can hit the net on a serve or hit and have it go over and it is still valid. You can kick the ball if it hits your feet.

How do you hit a kick serve in tennis?

A "kick" serve has major topspin on the serve that causes it to "kick" up when it bounces. It kicks up very high in the air causing your opponent to be out of position when they hit the ball. (That's assuming they can reach the ball!) Your opponent usually will hit a weak shot back. Use a grip that is between an Eastern backhand and Continental. Throw the ball in the air so that it is slightly behind the left side of your head. Bend your knees and arch your back so that your back is almost facing the net. This gives you the

What is a rugby kick called?

There is; A goal kick Drop Kick Grubber kick torpedo kick Up and Under Cross field kick

What are the different kinds of kicks in martial arts?

There are many different names and kicks can be done differently, for instance a front kick can be done as a snap kick or a thrusting kick. * Front Kick * Side Kick * Roundhouse Kick * Back Kick * Crescent Kick * Stomp Kick * Axe Kick

How do you do the No-Shadow Kick?

no shadow kick can be any normal kick, but the special thing about it is that it is deceiving. no shadow kick is a deceiving kick.

What is the future tenses of the word kick?

The future tense of the verb "to kick" is "will kick". For example, "I will kick the ball into the goal!"

Name different soccer kick passes?

Goal Kick Indirect Kick Penatly Kick Corner Kick Foul Kick ? Direct kick (can pass) instep kick lace kick pass back cross pass chip and many many more

What are the soccer offense basics?

kick it in the goal kick it in the goal kick it in the goal kick it in the goal

How do you say kick in German?

To kick - tretenTo kick (a ball) - kickena kick - ein Tritt

How do you kick box?


How do you hit a twist serve in tennis?

The twist serve is probably the most difficult serve to return. Most pros use either the twist or topsin serve as their second serve. To hit a twist, brush the back of the ball(up then left-right). This is also called the American or Kick Serve, the kick serve is generated by putting loads amount of top/sidespin to make the kick effect, usually power does not associate well with this serve but with racquet head speed(brush effect: 7 to 1 o clock) with continental grip. Meaning of the power that doesn't associate well is that power will make the ball go out of the service box, but instead use alot of speed to make the "power" meaning, put a lot of spin on the ball, that what makes the ball bounce higher and more powerful. As for returns, stand near the base line instead of 3 ft away of the baseline, why? because kick serves bounce very high if u are not close enough to it, you have to attack when the ball is going up, usually a backhand slice or forehand slice is the ideal return, but if the ball is slow enough you might be able to hit a winner with normal forehand or backhand.

Fifa 08 PC tricks and free kick?

free kick is a kick just free kick

Ways of restarting a game in soccer?

Kick-off Direct free kick Indirect free kick Penalty kick Corner kick Goal kick Throw-in Drop ball

How many basic kicks in Tae Kwon Do?

There are about 6 basic kicks in Taekwondo. They are: Front Kick, Roundhouse Kick, Side Kick, Axe Kick, Hook Kick, & Back Kick.

What is the plural of kick off?

The plural of kick-off is kick-offs.

What is the difference between an indirect free kick and direct free kick?

An indirect free kick is when the kick is unintentional.

How many types of serves are there in tennis?

The three most popular are kick/topspin, slice, and flat serve. Kick/topspin serves make the ball kick high and/or fast and may appear to be out when at the last second they drop in. Slice serves make the ball curve to the left or right, depending on the hand they use and the direction their racket moves. flat serves have generally a true bounce, but may have a slight curve due to the pronation used when serving with a continental grip. They are usually the server's fastest/hardest serve.

How do you kick start a mortcyle?

Kick it