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A kick off in football, is when one team sets up the ball whole their kickek kicks it. The team that is kicking kicks it as far as possible without kicking it into the end zone. The opposing team runs the ball, after catching it, as far as possible before getting tackled, and then continues play from that spot with the first down.

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Q: What is a kick off?
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Is soccer kick-off a direct kick?

The kick off is neither direct nor indirect, they are three different restarts. A goal may be scored from a kick off.

Is a kick-off an indirect kick?

A kick-off is neither a direct free kick nor an indirect free kick. Kick-off, DFK, and IFK are three different and distinct restarts in the list of 8 possible game restarts. Your question appears to ask, "can you score on a kick off?" The answer is yes, but only against your opponent. You cannot score an own-goal on a kick off.

What is the plural of kick off?

The plural of kick-off is kick-offs.

What is Another word for kick off?

another word for kick-off

Kick-off or kick off?

Kick off (verb phrase) -- the game kicks off at 1:00. Kickoff (noun) -- the kickoff resulted in a touchback.

How do a good kick on monkey kick off?

To get a good kick on monkey kick off by you have to waiting until the ball goes really high, when the ball get really high on it's when it is about half way down kick it and that is how you get a good kick on monkey kick off. My best score on it is 5057 monkey meters :p

When a ball is played backwards at kick off?

can you punt the ball on kick off

When did Kick Off - series - happen?

Kick Off - series - happened in 1989.

When was Kick Off - series - created?

Kick Off - series - was created in 1989.

What time is kick off for soccer aid 2012?

19:30 is kick off

What is the kick off called in English football?

It is called a kick-off in English football.

Can you score on kick-off in soccer?

A goal may be scored directly from a kick-off.

What is the duration of Late Kick Off?

The duration of Late Kick Off is 1800.0 seconds.

How do you kick the ball far on monkey kick off?

Kick it by clicking the mouse.

What is the kick off time for the FA Cup final 2009?

The kick-off time is 3 p.m. in England. (In fact, the kick-off time is always at 3 p.m., GMT.)

Can you score a drop kick from a kick off in rugby?

No you are not allowed to attempt a drop goal off a kick off in rugby- even if the ball does manage to go through no pints will be awarded.

Are a punt and a kickoff the same thing?

No a punt is a drop kick and a kick off is off a tee.

What is the highest kick off?

the answer is unknown. the reason for that is the height of the kick off is of very little importance.

When was Late Kick Off created?

Late Kick Off was created on 2010-01-18.

What is the begining of a play called?

kick-off kick-on

What is the ruling for a kick that goes out of bounds during a kick off in the NFL?

Kick off out of bounds, 20 yard penalty, ball goes to the 40

What time is the kick off for the championship play off final?

Kick off 3 pm this afternoon (on sky sports live)

What time does 2008 champions league final kick off in BST?

1945 BST kick-off

Which sport will kick off the Olympic games this year?

womens football will kick off the olympics this year.

What is the kick off time for the fa cup final 2012?

It will kick off at 3.00pm. There was talk of a 5.15pm kick off to avoid premier league clashes but all premier league games for that weekend will be played on Sunday 6th May leaving the Saturday free for the FA Cup to Kick off at 3.00pm