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The place to learn karate is called the dojo.

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Q: What is a karate gym called?
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How do you take the gym whit karate king?


What is the karate building for in soul silver?

The Karate Building is located in Saffron City in the Kanto Region. It is called the Training Dojo, and is right next to the Sixth Gym. If you have Janine's phone number, you can battle her in there.

Does little gym offer Karate for toddlers?

Little Gym does offer Karate for toddlers. It offers a variety of age classes. It is a place for kids of all ages to interact and have fun.

Where is karate king in Pokemon SoulSilver?

He is the Gym Leader in Cinawood.

What is a person who does karate called?

in engilsh a student.In karate a karate-ka

What are karate students called?

karate ka

What are karate uniforms called?

In Karate, we mainly use Japanese words. Hence Karate Uniforms is called Gi (Gee)

What is a karate belt called in Japanese?

a belt or a karate belt in Japanese is called obi

What is a karate costume?

The Karate costume/uniform is called "Gi".

How do you get to Giovanni in the viridian city gym?

Go up toward the karate guy in the gym battle him then go left there is Giovanni go beat him!

How do you get to the 3 gym in Pokemon Diamond?

you go to the city with the gambling place and the gym leader will be there. you have to get past all these random karate people and move sliders past staircases to reach the gym leader. i suggest you take flying type Pokemon because the Pokemon she (and the karate people) uses are fighting types.

What is the name of a karate outfit with slippers?

Karate is practiced in bare feet. The karate uniform is called a gi.

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