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A jump break cue is a cue that billiard players use to break with and also the same cue breaks down into a jump cue. Traditionally, a break cue is a heavier cue that has a stiff shaft to transfer power from the player to the cue and ultimately to the racked balls on the other side of the table. There is a notion that a thinner shaft will give a "whip" action. this "whip action ismilliseconds after the hit on the cue ball, the shaft is temporally deformed and in another couple milliseconds, the shaft violently returns back to its original straight form. The violent return to its original form is the whip action.

The jump portion of the cue is the shaft and the front prong (front 12" of cue behind the shaft and before the handle of the cue) of the cue that separates from the rest of the cue.
Legal jumps in billiards are strikes on the upper half of the cue ball. The action of the cue ball is pressed down onto the table and as a reaction, the cue ball squirts in an upward motion leaving the table surface.

Jump cues need to be light in weight as to make contact with the cue ball and be off of the it so the milliseconds it takes for the cue ball to respond, it won't be restricted by a jump cue that is still in the way of the cue ball's jump.

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Q: What is a jump break billiards cue?
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What is the specialized cue stick used for break in billiards?

The break cue is used for the break in billiards, but under most rules, is not any different than any other cue. A player wants to use a very hard tip and a light cue for a break stick, and may also want a different balance point than for the play cue. The break cue is often also used for jump shots.

What are the release dates for Mansome - 2012 Billiards Choose a Cue Rack Break 1-119?

Mansome - 2012 Billiards Choose a Cue Rack Break 1-119 was released on: USA: 17 January 2013

Is it okay to break with your own cue in billiards?

Of course. Why wouldn't it be?

Does a billiards cue have to be straight to be legal?

The Billiards Congress of America has no specifications on how straight a cue must be.

Can you jump a ball in billiards?

It can be done, but because the cue ball left the table, the other player is up, and has ball in hand.

What is a sentence for billiards?

Billiards in the name of a popular cue sport.

Which sport uses the cue?

Billiards uses a cue ball.

What is the cue used in?


What color is the cue ball in billiards?

cue ball = white ball

What does the word ''cue'' mean?

"Cue' is a stick used in pool or billiards, or it can mean a prompt on stage.

How do you make a jump shot in billiards?

The cue stick is elevated to at least 45 degrees and the cue is quickly stroked through the cue ball pushing the cue ball into the table slate, which makes it then rebound into the air. People not knowing how to perform a jump shot attempt to "scoop" the cue ball, using a cue stick not elevated enough and striking below the center of the cue ball. In tournament play and conventional pool rules, this "scoop" is an illegal shot, and will give the table over to the opponent.

What substance is put on the tip of the cue when playing billiards?

Chalk is put on the tip of a cue.

CUE is associated with billiards and?

Snooker and pool.

How many colored balls are there in a billiards game?

The question is somewhat confusing so Billiards can refer to English Billiards, Carom Billiards, or Pocket Billiards.English Billiards and Three Pocket (a Carom Billiards game)is played with 3 balls, 2 cue balls (either both white or one white, one yellow) and a red ball.In Pocket Billiards, there number of balls ranges from 8 to 22 depending upn the game being played. Each requires a cue ball plus - 15 for 8 ball and Straight Pool (also referred to as 14.1 Billiards), 7 for 7 ball, 9 for 9 ball, 10 for 10 ball, 21 for baseball.There are 3 balls in billiards. The object ball, the cue ball and your opponents cue ball.This depends upon the game. In English Billiards there are 3 balls, 1 is colored. In Pocket Billiards games, there are from 7 to 21 colored balls, plus a cue ball.

What substance is put on the a snooker cue?

Billiards Chalk.

What is 'English' in billiards?

That is 'putting a spin' on the cue ball.

What substance is but on the end of the cue when playing billiards?


What substance do you put on the end of a cue in billiards?


What is put on end of cue when playing billiards?

Billiard chalk.

What substance is the put on the end of the cue when playing billiards?

it is chalk

What is the white ball called in game of billiards?

The cue ball. Or just the white ball.

What is the names of a solid white ball in billiards game?

Cue Ball

What is the stick used to play billiards called?

It is called the cue stick.

What subtance is put o the end of the cue when playing billiards?


What sport uses the slang word Carom?

This is typically a billiards term meaning, "a shot in billiards in which the cue ball strikes each of two object ball".