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A ball hit in fair territory that goes over the fence in the air without striking the ground first. In addition a ball hit in fair territory staying inside the park and the batter/runner touching ever base with no fielding errors being charged on the play.

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Q: What is a home run in softball?
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What is another word for a home run in softball?

A quadruple?

What is a force run in softball?

When someone is on 3rd and runs home

What is the term used when a batter is able to reach home plate in softball?

A home run?

What is home run in softball?

The home run in softball is the same as in baseball. When the batter hits the ball over the outfield fence in fair territory it is a home run. It is also considered a home run if the batter hits the ball inside the fence and is able to run all the bases and back to home plate before being thrown out.

How do you take score in softball?

In softball every time someone crosses home plate and they are safe, you get one run.

What does a run mean in softball?

In softball a run is when you score.

Is a softball player out if they miss home plate and run into the dugout?


Which two sports uses the words home run?

Baseball and softball.

What sport other than baseball uses a home run?


What is it when you hit the ball over the wall in softball?

out of the park home run

What is run in softball?

A run in softball is when a base runner makes it safely around the bases and touches home plate. The team the runner is for is then given a point, also known as a run.

Can you over run second base in softball?

no,you can just run through 1st and home but make sure you touch home

What is a sentence for home run?

At baseball/softball practice my team was cheering me on to hit a home run to beat the other team.

In softball what is it called when the bases are loaded and the batter hits a home run?

Grand Slam

What is the longest home run in softball?

Doug The Silver Fox Burns 535 feet

How do you steal in softball?

Wait for the pitcher to throw the ball home then run for the next base.

What base you may over run in softball?

First and Home are the only bases you can over run, if you over run second or third you could get out.

What is the longest softball home run ever?

Ask the best girl softball hitter in the world crystl bustos. she will put any man to shame.

How many feet in softball for a home run?

In fast-pitch softball the field dimensions are about 220 feet on average (for females) and 250 feet (for males).

If the ball goes over the fence in softball what is it called for the other team?

automatic home run

Do you run clockwise on softball? run counterclockwise.

In softball how do you know which base to run to?

just like baseball; hit the ball run to first, second, third, home to score

What is the primary energy system-required when a softball player hits a home run?

creatine phosphate energy system is what softball players use for homeruns and batting...

How far is the home run base in softball?

over the fence... and through the woods to grandmothers house we go

What is Natural cycle softball?

The natural cycle in softball is when a player hits a single, double, triple and then a home run. In baseball this has only been accomplished 5 times.