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It's called advancing on errors.

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Q: What is a home run gotten by stealing all bases at one time after being walked in softball called?
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How many balls equal a walk in softball?

4 balls and take your base you've been walked.

What does bb stand for in softball?

BB means Base On Balls, meaning the batter was walked (4 balls).

How can you score from third in softball?

There are quite a few ways to score from 3rd base in softball: * You can steal * RBI * If the bases are loaded you can get walked in * If the bases are loaded the batter can get hit by pitch * If you are in 12u or about you can perform a delay steal

Can a walked batter round first base and move on to second while the pitcher is in the circle in little league softball?


Is a batter out if he is walked and goes past first base and is tagged returning to first base?

no i dont know about in baseball, but in fastpitch softball... the batter would be out

Who in recent history has hit the most foul balls in one up at bat?

At a High school softball game and the batter hit 21 foul balls in 26 pitches. She then walked.

Difference between walk and strike on the softball game?

In softball, the batter can be walked, strikeout, or they can get a hit. Walks are caused by the batter accumulating 4 balls. A ball is a pitch thrown outside of the strike zone. A strike is a pitch thrown inside the strike zone. A batter can get a strike by either swinging and missing the ball, or they can get a strike from not swinging at a strike within the strike zone.

What is a continuation after being walked in softball?

It's when you make a turn at first base and continue running to second base after being walked. Coaches usually tell their fastest players to do so. However, it can also be a good way to draw attention to someone else if there's a runner at third and you want to get her home.

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How do you score a softball home run?

You score a home run by hitting the ball, it doesnt have to be far or hard, but you need to make it around all the bases and touch home plate before you get out. You can be walked, and score a HR by overthrows, fumbling around, etc.

May you advance to second base after a walk in fastpitch softball?

yes, if you are the batter you can get walked and then steal second you've touched 1st but if you round the base and then go back to first you are out. Technically you have committed to second so i would suggest getting into a run down.

In softball what is a walk?

A walk is when 4 balls are thrown that are not in the strike zone of the umpire. the balls may be thrown in any order, such as a strike, 2 balls, a strike and a 2 balls. The batter is then walked. You can also be hit by a pitch, which would earn you a base as a walk.

Is the ball dead when a player is walked or can he try to continue to second base if he catches the other team off guard?

In most American baseball and softball leagues, the ball is still live when a player is walked. Unless the catcher or pitcher ask for a time-out, the runner can attempt to steal second base. It's actually a good play, especially when there's another runner on base.

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Has a major league batter ever scored a run after being walked without another batter contributing to his progression or stealing any bases?

Given the possiblities of stealing bases, advancing on a passed ball, wild pitch, or error on a pick off attempt, I am sure that it has happened, but I can't cite a specific incidence of it having happened. In fact I am sure there has been a case at least once of a runner stealing second advancing to third when the ball was thrown away of missed o the play at second and then scoring on a wild pitch, passed ball or maybe even a steal. There are so many combinations of things that could allow the scenario you mentioned that I am sure it has to have happened.

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