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Q: What is a high prod score hockey stats?
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Who is gordy?

Detroit Red Wings Player ;) Greatest hockey player of all time!

What is a good sentence with the word Prod?

Prod me not! I have to prod you every day to get you out of bed!

What is a name for a cattle prod?

Hot-shot, cattle prod, shock-prod, etc.

How do you solve a problem in compiler design?

prod=0; i=1; do { prod = prod +a[i] * b[i]; i=i+1; } while(i<=20);

How do you use prod in a sentence?

"My wife has to prod me to take out the trash."

A sentence with prod?

1. My friend would always prod me in class so one day I tattled to the teacher like the big baby that they'd said I am.2. Prod the ball past the post from 10 yards.3. You will feel when you meet a blockage and you should then prod the blockage with the rod.4: If you plod, I'll prod!

Can you use a lamp as a cattle prod?

Yes and no. The wiring and metal parts of a lamp may be useful, but the rest of it may be an encumbrance. Also, you can't simply plug it into a wall and have a cattle prod without having a transformer. The key to making a cattle prod is high voltage and low amperage. The standard wall outlet will give you about 25 amps and only 120 volts. That needs to be fixed before you have a cattle prod.

What is a sentence of prod?

To prod (and the noun for a poking) is to provoke by direct action. Example : "The father would have to prod his boys to finish their homework." Example : "After a prod from her friend, she agreed to go to the party."

What is an anagram of the word prod?

The anagram of prod is the word drop. It means to fall.

What is a sentence using Prod?

Prod me one more time and see what happens.

What sentences can be made from word 'prod'?

Simply prod around your neck to find a sore point.

If the ratio of prod of 3 diff comps A B and C is 4 7 5 and of overall prod last yr was 4lac tones and if each comp had an increase of 20 percent in prod level this yr what is the prod of Comp B th?

2.1 L