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A part to help absorb heat and dissipate to the ait. It should be exposed to it and have cooling fins.

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Q: What is a heat sink on a golf cart charger?
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What is the function of a processor heat sink?

To sink the heat.

Why is a sink called a sink?

Probably because it draws/absorbs the heat making the heat "sink" into it

Why don't golf balls sink to the bottom of a pond?

They most be limited flight or floating golf balls. This is because a real golf ball will always sink. You would never find a real golf ball floating.

How does a heat sink work in the power supply?

A heat sink works on the principle of thermal transfer. The heat sink transfers heat from the chip to the air, wicking heat away.

Is water a type of heat sink?

Yes! Water is a heat sink.

Why is it called a heat sink?

Probably because it draws/absorbs the heat making the heat "sink" into it

How do you sink music on to the Pantech renue?

plug your charger into the computer then go to windows media then sink the music on to the phone

What happens to golf balls that go in the water?

They sink.

How does heat capacity makes water a good heat sink?

Water has a high heat capacity, meaning it can absorb and store a large amount of heat before its temperature changes significantly. This property makes water an effective heat sink because it can absorb heat from its surroundings, such as in cooling systems, without experiencing a rapid increase in temperature. Additionally, water's high heat capacity allows it to release heat slowly, making it useful in regulating temperature changes in various processes.

A device that absorbs and draws heat from a hot object dispersing it into the surroundings is which one of the following?

Heat sink

How are heat sink and carbon sink related?

A heat sink is a device used to dissipate heat from electronic components, while a carbon sink is a natural or artificial reservoir that absorbs and stores carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. The similarity lies in their functions of absorbing and dissipating substances - heat for a heat sink and carbon dioxide for a carbon sink.

What is heat sinker?

makes the heat sink