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Q: What is a heart locket worth on aj?
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How do you get a heart locket on animaljam without trading?

You can get it by buying it on Valentines day in AJ. I saw it on there, and I bought LOADS of it. My user on Animal Jam is Proudpup.

How many pictures will a heart locket hold?

Usually just two pictures are put in to heart locket.

Meaning of a heart locket tattoo?

A locket tattoo that is in the shape of a heart symbolizes that someone or something is dear to you. It is common for a heart-shaped locket tattoo to have a keyhole inside it and a loop at the top for the chain.

Where to get locket in Animal Jam?

You have to trade you can't just buy a heart locket.

Where on animal jam is a rare heart locket?

You can get rare heart lockets by trading, or you can buy yourself a heart locket during valentines day at the jamaa clothing shop

Would you pick a heart shaped locket necklace or a regular necklace with a heart on it?

Locket, women/girls like it way better than a normal necklace. It has more love in it.

What is an appropriate occasion to give a heart locket necklace as a gift?

An appropriate occasion to give a heart locket necklace as a gift would be any kind of occasion. Wedding Anniversary, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, and Christmas are a few occasions one could give a heart locket necklace as a gift.

What literary devices are used in the poem locket by Amy Ludwig Vanderwater?

The poem "Locket" by Amy Ludwig Vanderwater uses imagery to evoke sensory experiences, such as the description of the locket as a "tiny song." It also employs personification by giving the locket human-like qualities, such as a heart that beats and a voice that whispers secrets. Additionally, the poem utilizes symbolism, with the locket representing memories and emotions that are kept close to the heart.

What is the best way to clean a gold heart locket?

The best way to clean a gold heart locket is to bring it to a professional. Do not try to clean it yourself because you will probably damage the gold and cause it to break.

How much money is colonel thomas blood's locket worth?


How do you get a heart locket on animal jam?

there is no code for it you can have codes only for 1,000 coins for each code you have like foodfight for one and danceparty to name a few

What does the locket s Symbolize?

Lockets symbolize memories, love, and holding someone or something dear. They are often associated with keeping a piece of someone close to your heart, whether it be a loved one or a cherished memory.