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A group of archers is known as an Archery.

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A group of archers is known as an Archery.

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Q: What is a group of archers called?
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What is Phil Mitchells garage called?

the archers

What are those who play archery called?


What was Williams men called in the battle of hastings?

archers i think

What is the name of the case in which archers carry their arrows?

Its called a quiver

In archery What is an archers arrow case called?

Quiver. a quiver is a holster which allows archers to hold arrows. when firing the bow you could have the quiver on your side or on your back.(like in the movies)

A soldier who fires an arrow?

Soldiers who mainly fired Arrows were called Archers.

Who are Artemis' kids?

Artemis does not have kids. She is a virgin goddess. But, in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, there is a cabin for her because she leads a group of girls called the Hunters, who are skilled archers, so when they go to Camp- Half Blood, they can have a place to stay.

How many archers to take a valley evony?

lvl1 valley=100 archers lvl2 valley=200 archers lvl3 valley=400 archers lvl4valley=500 archers lvl5 valley=2k archers lvl6 valley=8k archers lvl7 valley= 10k archers lvl8 valley= 15k archers lvl9 valley= 35k archers lvl10 valley=50k archers This is with lvl3 archery

Why was Nubia called the 'land of the bow'?

There were many skilled archers in Nubia and they killed many Egyptians who raided them.

How do you get archers in tribal wars?

click archers.

How is archers used?

The archers shot at a Target and all hit the bullseye. Archers are people skilled in archery.

What are archers main weapons?

Archers main weapons are bow and arrows.

What is the duration of The Archers?

The duration of The Archers is 900.0 seconds.

When was Bydgoszcz Archers created?

Bydgoszcz Archers was created in 2009.

When did Archers of Loaf end?

Archers of Loaf ended in 1998.

When was Archers of Loaf created?

Archers of Loaf was created in 1991.

When was The Violet Archers created?

The Violet Archers was created in 2005.

When was The Ministry of Archers created?

The Ministry of Archers was created in 2004.

In evony how many archers do you need to use to take a level 10 forest?

35,000 archers are good as they can safeguard you

What are the responsibilities of a medieval archer?

Many archers were yeomen who made their livings by working their own farms and were only called to service as needed. Their responsibilities as archers were to practice regularly and to be available as needed. In battle, of course, they used their skills to defend their lords or monarchs. Their place on the land required them to be archers by law. In some countries, archers were mercenaries, who were hired to practice and fight as needed. Their duties were prescribed as needed at the time they were hired, and varied from one situation to another.

Why Nubia was called land of the bow because?

There were many skilled archers in Nubia and they killed many Egyptians who raided them.

How many warriors or archers would it take to take out 12k archer towers?

There is no real 'minimum', archer towers are among the hardest things to kill behind rams and pults due to the way combat works. Use max amount of archers, highest atk hero, and put 1-100 (depending on enemy troop count) of every other thing except scouts as a 'shield' The more things the towers need to waste a turn shooting between you and your archers the better. If your attack is under 100 there's usually no way to beat 12k+ on the first try. Build more archers so the second group will punch through. Alternatively send 300k warriors first and THEN the main group.

What were the archers doing in the Battle of Hastings?

archers are the men who fired arrows into the air

What did medieval archers do?

Medieval archers usually shot arrows from a bow and arrow.

When was Royal Company of Archers created?

Royal Company of Archers was created in 1676.