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Q: What is a good weight for a 5'4 boy that is 13?
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What is the average weight for a 54 13-year- old boy?

120 pounds

What is the ideal weight range for a 5' 4 13-year-old boy?

The ideal weight is 54 kgs but if you are a bit under or over your still healthy

What is the average weight of an 54 inch boy?


What is the average weight for a 5'1'' 12-year-old boy?

54 kg ???lbs

What is the average weight for a 54 inches tall 9 year old boy?

My son is 11 and 54-1/2 inches tall and 85 lbs

What is 6x9?

54 is the mudaine answer, but it's 42 in base 13 math (see the Hitchhiker's Guide).

How much should a 13 year old weigh who is 54?

54 pounds if that is the case then gain weight like 50 pounds eat now go

Im 13 54 and you weight 104 pounds is this overweight?

No not at all ! Idk if its the average for a 13 years old but you defiantly ARNT overwieght !

What is the average weight for a 8 year old boy who is 54 inches tall?

My 8 year old son is 54 inches and weighs 78.6lbs. He's slim. I believe that he's over 95 percentile in both height and weight.

What is 54 minus 13?

54 - 13 = 41

What is 54 times 13?

54 x 13 = 702

What is 13 multiplied by 54?

13 multiplied by 54 is 702

What is 54-13?


How much should a 7 year old boy wiegh?

According to the average weight of a 7 year old boy is 24 Kg (approx 54 Pounds)

What would the answer be to 13 times 54?

The answer is 13 times 54 = 702

The weight of 54 to the nearest kilogram?

The answer depends on 54 WHAT. The weight of 54 blue whales might just be a teensy bit more than 54 ants!

What is the least common multiple of 13 and 54?

LCM(13, 54) = 702.

What is the weight of an 8 year old boy child?

It depends on which child. I am 54 kg but my friend the same age as me is only 49 kg.

What is the LCM of 54 and 13?

Their product.

How many times does 6 go into 54?

Don't know need date for school dance.(It goes in to 54 9 times.)

What percent is 13 out of 54?

To convert a number to a percentage multiply by 100 % → 13/54 = 13/54 × 100% = 24 2/27 % ≈ 24 %

What is your weight in pounds if you are 54 kilogram?

54 kg = 119.049 lb

How much is weight 54 kilogram?

54 kg = 119.049 lb

What is 54 over 78 reduced?

54/78 = 9/13

How much does 54 kilogram weighs?

The weight of 54 kilograms is 529.2 newtons.