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Depends what you are trying to do. If your trying to dunk a Basketball, then you should be at able to touch net. Therefor, 7-14 inches is good, but 15-25 is great and 26-or higher is amazing. Proper way to measure is to make sure you don't bend your legs when you jump to measure it perfectly.

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Q: What is a good vertical jump for a 5'11 185 pound person?
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How do you do a vertical jump lab report?

Vertical Jump is when they (scorers )measure you and then you jump as high as you can. The winner is the person who jumped the furthest.

What a good workout routine to increase your vertical?

Increasing your vertical jump can be extremely helpful in sports where height is an advantage, such as basketball. Some good workout routines that increase your vertical jump are the barbell front squat, the box jump and bodyweight split jump.

how does one do a vertical jump?

To do a vertical jump, one needs to leap and get one's center of gravity straight up in the air. This can be a good measure for how high one can jump from a standstill position.

How much can Brian Dawkins bench press?

325-pound bench press … 315-pound power clean … 39-inch vertical jump

What is paul pierces vertical jump?

15 inches on a good day.

Is jump roping a good way of helping your vertical?

No. The best ways to improve your vertical are improving your deadlift, squat, and by doing depth jumps.

what is a vertical jump program?

to get you jump higher and get exercise.

What is a good vertical leap for a 13 year old?

im not exactly sure, but im 13. and my vertical is between 20 and 26 depending on my jump

How do you improve vertical jump in a month?

Increasing your vertical jump takes a lot of time. You have to have good strength, flexibility, speed, and genetics to have a good vertical leap. You can build strength by doing basic exercises such as squats, lunges, calf raises, or leg extensions (you need a machine to do these) Once you build up your strength, start working on your speed.

Can falling increase my vertical jump?

I don't see how falling would increase your vertical jump. You are risking an injury when you fall.

Can falling increase my vertical jump I jump to grab the net of the basket and pull myself up to grab the rim Then I fall to the ground without any injury?

Falling does not increase your vertical jump but does increase the risk of an injury that can create a barrier to your vertical jump.

Is a vertical jump different from a jump?

Yes, a regular jump can be performed while running, or standing still, and can propel you in any direction. A vertical jump is performed standing still, and propels you only straight up.