What is a good topps attax lineup?

Updated: 10/21/2022
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Picthing: Tim Lincecum, Zack Greinke, Cy Young, Roy Halladay

Hitting: Joe Mauer, Ryan Howard, Albert Pujols, Reggie Jackson, Mickey Mantle, Ricky Hederson, A-Rod, Evan Longoria, Josh Hamilton

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Q: What is a good topps attax lineup?
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Is there slam attax coming out?

Slam attax have already come out and we can buy them on 'TOPPS' website that is

Reusable topps attax codes?

freebie and sopo77

Toppstown Topps attax 2010 codes?

Freebie jravtrs

Who is the best topps attax player in 2011?

Ya Miguel Cooper Challenge him but he is good. He is on a 30 game winning streak

Are they coming out with 2011 topps attax football?

don't think so

Who is the best silver card in topps attax?

it is in fact fransisco rodriguez

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The answer is 124p183975130p9481

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When do 2011 topps attax come out?

Not sure the exact date, but early April

How do you win in topps attax online?

I think the trick is to be good at the game and just gain skill and yes this is coming from a 47 year old.

How many batters do you need to play topps attax baseball?

You need 4 pitchers and 9 batters.

Where can I buy the Topps slam attax smack down card holder book?

Ebay or at a sports memorabilia store or show.