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When the runner on first steals to second base and the pitcher has already pitched the ball, the catcher should throw the ball from home to second to get the runner who is stealing out.

^^^lololol no. Unless the pitcher's throwing a fastball the runner has a good chance of making it.

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2010-09-19 07:38:43
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Q: What is a good time for catchers throw from home to second base?
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How do you become good at playing second base?

you catch the baseball in your mit. and then depending on the situations, throw it to home base, or catch it and the person will be OUT. its simple.

Why do they not throw it to the first baseman after a strike out?

It's supposedly considered bad luck. I think some of it applies to practice as well. When a pitcher is warming up on the mound, he will signal the catcher when he's going to throw one more pitch. After that pitch, the catcher might take a practice throw toward second base. Since most catchers are right-handed, it's much easier for him to throw to third after a strike out, anyway. It is good practice to get that throw to third base in case of a steal, and it's the only time during the game that a catcher can practice it.

What some good softball exercises for softball catchers?

Softball Catchers stay in a deep squat position for a long time. thus,it's important to strengthen thighs and core and have a flexible lower back. Squats, Single leg deadlift, Goodmornings, pullovers, Jump squats (when you have a good base)

How are baseball catchers rated?

The same as any other position player, by their ability. The standards are hitting for average, hitting for power, and defensive fielding and throwing. In addition, catchers are rated on their ability to call the right pitches, to know their pitching staffs, and to get inside batters' heads.

How do you use the word throw as a noun?

A noun is used as the subject of a sentence or a clause, and as the object of a verb or a preposition.Here are some sentences using throw as a noun.A throw of the dice allows a player to move forward. (subject of the sentence)The catcher made a good throw to second base. (direct object of the verb 'made')We were allowed two throws each at a dollar per throw. (object of the preposition 'per')

Are cats good mice catchers?

If they aren't lazy yes.

How much does a regulation catchers mitt weigh?

Typically a good catchers mitt will weight under 2lbs. Akadema Praying Mantis pro level Catchers mitt weights approx. 1lb 8oz.

What can a girl do to a guy when at second base?

Tell a really good cheer for them

What brand makes good catchers gear for young teens?


Where can you get cheap catchers equipment?

Try, sometimes they have good deals.

Is Akadema a good catchers mitt?

Best on the market. The Praying Mantis mitt is a patented catchers mitt that has stress wedge technology to protect the thumb from ball impact. Far and away best catchers mitt on market...

Is the nokona bloodline catchers mitt good or too small?

I believe the mitt is formed incorrectly. Love the Praying Mantis catchers mitt and wilson a2000

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