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9.86 seconds. thats what i did

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Q: What is a good time for a 46 year old to do a 10k race?
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To prepare for the 10k race is this a fragment?

To prepare for the 10K race.

Is to prepare for the 10K race a fragment?

To prepare for the 10K race.

What is the fastest 10K race for a twelve year old?

Such statistics are not recorded

What is a good 10k running time for a 70 year old male?

mid afternoon

How many meters in a 10k race?

A 10k (kilometers) race is 10,000 meters.

A 10k race contains how many miles?

A 10k race contains 6.2 miles

How long is 10k race in distance?

The answer is actually in the question. 10k is and abbreviation of ten kilometres, therefore a 10k race is 10 kilometres long.

What is a good time for 10k?

under 50

What is the fastest 10k race ever run?

The fastest 10k time is set by Kenenisa Bekele with a time of 26:17.53. He is considered the most accomplished distance runners of all-time

What is a good time for a 10k?

35-40 minutes

What is the average 10k time?

The average time is around 50 mins depending on how skilled you are. If you set yourself at a good steady pace and are at a moderate fitness level you should be able to run 10k in an hour or less.The average finish time to finish a 10k road race in about 60 minutes.No matter what your ability is, you should not feel that you need to be able to run at a certain speed to do 10k road race. Organizers consciously keep in mind that there are runners of varying ability and most organizers cater for all types.

What is a good 10K running time for 12 year old girl?

a good running time would be from 40 minutes to 50 minutes, depending on your fitness level, it will vary.

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