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  • the world only has so much oil it has been animated that in the next 70 years all the oil will be gone in this crisis the world can not care for 10 billion people it is assumed that 9 billion people will die unless the world can find an alternative to replace the lost oil
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Q: What is a good thesis statement for oil and gas?
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What is a good thesis statement for the oil spill?


The thesis statement is a summary of?

The thesis statement is a concise summary of the main point or central argument of an essay, research paper, or other academic work. It typically appears in the introduction and guides the reader on what to expect from the rest of the content.

What do you say to the statement nonrenewable energy resources include coal oil and natural gas?

I would say "That is a true statement!"

Why is it good for Canada to have oil and gas?

because it is.

What is something good you get out of oil?

gas for your car

What is a good slogan for a oil and gas company?

(gas and oil company name), light a match and we all die.

Non renewable energy resources include oil coal and natural gas?

Yes that is a correct statement.

Good things about drilling for oil and natuarl gas?

Cheaper petrol and gas,

What is a sentence using the word refine?

My teacher asked me to refine the wording in my composition in order to clarify my thesis statement. The processes used to refine oil can create volatile and dangerous chemicals.

Where in California can a good oil and gas job be found?

California has a lot of oil and gas, but the easiest way to get a job related to gas and oil would be working at a gas station. The money should be more interesting if you get a job with the companies who the oil comes from.

Does anyone know where I can get some good oil and gas software?

Yes, you can find some good oil and gas software just about anywhere on the internet. Checkout RockWare, they have a good product. I've used OilProp oil and gas software for the past several years. It's been very reliable.

What burns as good as oil and gas and coal?