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Sometimes your soccer team name doesn't have to be related to the colors, but here are some suggestions. 1. The Grasshoppers 2. Green Streak 3. Big Green Other things that are green are leaves, leprechauns, tadpoles, frogs. Hope you think of a good name!

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Red in the complimentary color (colour) to green but that is a bit too Christmasy. Our school colors were green, gold (yellow) and white (our team is going to fight, fight, team fight) and they worked real well together (next to each other on the color wheel). An alternative is going a little farther on the wheel to orange. There are some sports teams with the colors orange and green. But I prefer yellow and green.

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Lounge Lizards

Gang Green

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Q: What is a good team name for a neon green soccer team?
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