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USR Unlimited Street Racing xD

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Q: What is a good street racing nickname?
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Is jacksonville street racing scene good?

Is any street racing scene "good"? Don't be an idiot and take it to the track.

Is street racing good?

Of course it's not good. It's illegal, dangerous, and irresponsible. Racing should be done on a race track.

When did street racing start.?

Street racing started in 1964

Is a stolen brand bmx any good for racing or only street riding?

just street riding

What is street racing?

It is illegal racing.

When was Racing in the Street created?

Racing in the Street was created on 1977-10-12.

When did Ford Street Racing happen?

Ford Street Racing happened in 2006.

When did Street Racing Syndicate happen?

Street Racing Syndicate happened in 2004.

When did LA Street Racing happen?

LA Street Racing happened in 2006.

Where did street racing begin?

on the street???

What is the definition for street racing?

Street racing: The act of racing two or more automobiles (or motorcycles)on a public street. In most cases illegally and without authorization.

Is street racing against the law?

yes it is except if it is done in a street racing club