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If you are looking for irons priced around $500, you could get the Callaway X-18 irons, which is a very good set at a reasonable price.

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Q: What is a good set of irons that are at a low price?
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What is the price range for a new set of Titleist irons?

The price range for a new set of Titleist irons will depend on which country one is buying from. In the United Kingdom the price range is between å£500 and å£900.

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What is a 55-yr-old set of MacGregor Tourney Colokrom M75 irons in excellent condition worth?

I have a set of these myself.... I've seen perfect sets go for 200.00 and ones showing more wear as low as 39.95 on ebay. Like anything, it's worth what someone will give you. Good luck!!

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