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Its really hardd, and my 40 year old son is running at a 1:01.28 time for 400m.

I am the mother of him and Im 41 years old and I can just make it 1:02:44. I am assuming for a 12 year old you should be able to run, between, 0:35 - 0:45.

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After running track for a number of years, I would have to say a decent, or average time for a 12 year old boy of average physical condition would be in the neighborhood of 90 seconds. This is strictly an estimate, as I am attempting to remember how fast I ran at the age of twelve (8 years ago now, although I ran track through high school and now at the collegiate level, so my expectations could be a bit off) hope this helped.

For my school, at age 12, to get on the track team for a 400 meters, we had to run it in at least 75 seconds. My average time was about 70 seconds. My top time was 69 seconds in a race. I placed 4th/8.

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please post name, time, when and were

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Q: What is a good running time for the 400 meter dash for a 12 year old boy?
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