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Halfback or scrumhalf is usually the smallest player on the field. Depending on certain skills, small players can be located anywhere in the back line

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Q: What is a good position for lightweight in rugby union?
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Was Germany ever a good Rugby Union team before the war?

No, rugby has never been a popular sport in Germany. Presently Germany are number 32 in the IRB world rankings which is down from their previous position of 29.

Who was theFirst welsh rugby union player to play rugby league?

jimmy birch a good old legend

Why differences in rugby league and rugby union?

There are many differences from rugby league and rugby union. Rugby league is predominantly a running game, each team has possession until they are tackled [taken to the ground] 5 times, after this possession is turned over to the opposition. On the fifth play the team in possession usually kicks for good field position when the opposition attacks, quite like in 'American' Football. In Rugby union there are far more rules and regulations. In union the attacking team stays in possession until they commit a foul, this can be in the form of a knock forward, accidental offside, not realeasing the ball on the ground, coming in from the side, playing the ball on the ground, not staying on your feet in the rook, etc. The defending team may also turn over the ball in a rook or maul or may intercept a pass, providing they are on side. Alternatively the attacking team can kick for good field position or a line-out, line outs are not found in rugby league. Apart from the same positions and player numbers and the basic rule that the ball cannot be passed forward, there are very few similarities between league and union.

Is centre a good position in rugby league?

Yes, very important, as they do the most tackles and linebreaks (after winger)

Why is lock forward a good position to play in rugby league?

Because he can play with forwards or another player in the back line

What conditions are needed to play rugby?

This both applies to League and Union The best conditions for a good rugby match is sunny and dry. If its raining all the players will be slipping very where and the amount of knock-ons will be high.

How was the position of the West within the Union before the Civil War?

west was in good terms

Is Fiji good in rugby union?

Rugby Union is a very popular sport in Fiji and the international side has competed in five of the six Rugby World Cups making the quarter finals in 1987 and 2007. Fiji is particularly adept at the Sevens form of the game.

What are some good lightweight vacuums?

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How do you get better at rugby?

To be a good rugby player you always have to train

Who gets paid the most in rugby?

Its depend on the club, level of skills and the position. Good fly half are some of the highest paid as they are the main points machines

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