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Q: What is a good number for a youth lacrosse goalie?
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How do you be a good lacrosse goalie?

to be a good goalie your first concern should be your weaker side that's what us attack guys look for and your stance is also a HUGE factor

What is a good goal against average for a high school lacrosse goalie?

About 60 to 70%

What is a good save average for goalie in lacrosse playing in an MIAA school?

any one who does the books or knows lacrosse stats will tell you anything above 50% is pretty good. Parksides goalie in Maryland had about a 60% save percentage against Queen Anne in the Maryland south bayside championship (despite the loss) and he was doing phenomenal

Should you be a lacrosse goalie or middy?

It really depends on what you like to do as a lacrosse player. If you like to run, you want to be a midfield because you won't be able to run much as a goalie. As a midfield you are always in the action. If you like blocking shots and staying on the field a lot, goalie is a good choice. Personally, I like midfield because I like to run and don't like having shots ripped at me.

What sport is good for fat people?

a good sport for fat people might be something like lacrosse. You could try out for the goalie and all you really have to do is stand there and block the goal. Warning: it is a very physical sport so injuries are likely

What percent of high school lacrosse players play college lacrosse?

About 9.8 million people are very good at lacrosse Take the number of lacrosse players that play in college. Take the number of players that play in high-school. Divide the amount that play in college by the amount that play in high-school. The answer (which will be a decimal) id the percentage. -ex. 0.15 = 15%

How much does an NHL goalie coach make a season?

a nhl goalie makes anywhere from 450,000.00 to 7.7million. depending on how good of a goalie you are.

Why is hope solo a goalie?

because she is really good and if she wasnt good then why would the US Womans team pick her to be a goalie.

How do you be a good goalie?

It could take years or even maby days of practice.also exercise, and eat healthy and you could be a good goalie

Is flow society a good lacrosse company?

I think it is a good lacrosse company for clothing not for buying equipment. I think the best lacrosse company would probably be STX.

Where can someone purchase good lacrosse goals?

Lacrosse Monkey and Sports Authority both carry good lacrosse goals. Dicks Sporting Goods and the LAX lacrosse site also have many available, each at various prices.

Is a brine netfinder lacrosse stick a good lacrosse stick?


Are lacrosse shorts good for pool?

Lacrosse shorts are very baggy and will stick to your legs when they get wet, they will also get heavy and fall off leaving you butt naked. So no, lacrosse shorts are not good in a pool

What is a good lacrosse brand for lacrosse gear?

I find that the best brand is warrior

Does Mikey Powell have any other brothers that are good lacrosse players?

I like lacrosse

What is a good lacrosse website? or there is this lacrosse website that shows you how to play lax and what the positions are.

If you can't go down in the butterfly position and you're a goalie does that mean you're not a good goalie?

No it just means that your goalie style is stand up and for stand up goalies it is usually hard for them to do that.

What are good signatures for boys?

Well my boyfriend's was Brian #30 (your name and what number you were on the football team, lacrosse team, etc.)

What is a good ATV suitable for a youth?

There are a number of very good ATVs suitable for a youth. Some good models one could purchase include '2012 Polaris Outlaw 90', '2011 Pitster Pro FXR 15R' and the 'Mini Motocross Quad'.

What type of sneakers would be good to play lacrosse in?

Good type of sneakers to play lacrosse are shoes with support to the ankle and with cleats different from the soccer shoes cleats. These type of shoes are the best type of sneakers to play lacrosse.

What size lacrosse stick is good for a 75 pounder?

Regular sized lacrosse stick, cut it down.

Is Marc Andre Fleury a good goalie?

Yes he is.

Is Evgeni Nabokov a good hockey goalie?


Is nate prusky a good goalie?

No, he is not the top best.

Why was john quick important?

yes he is a good goalie