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at center WA runs out and receives ball and then GS runs and receives the ball from WA and then the GS passes it off to the C or WA again. by this time the GA should have sprinted into the circle which the GS left open for her.

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Q: What is a good netball set play for goal attack?
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What position does maria tutaia play in netball?

goal attack and goal shooter

Where can the WA in netball go in the court?

There are three parts of a netball court. And the Wing Attack can play in two out of three. The goal third and center. But the Wing Attack can not play in the goal circle.

What position do Irene van Dyk play in netball?

She plays GA (goal attack) and GS (goal shooter)

Which players in the silver ferns netball team play Goal Shoot and Goal Attack?

maria and van dyk

What are the positions on a netball court?

The positions in netball are GS (goal shooter), GA (goal attack), WA (wing attack), C (center), WD ( wing defence) , GD (goal defence), and lastly GK (goal keeper! If you don't play netball I think you should because it is a fun sport and I love it and you have lots of fun!!!!!

How do you play GA in netball?

well GA is goal attack therefore you are a shooter. unlike goal shooter you can move to the centre third though

How many people play on court in netball?

AnswerThere are 7 players on the netball court from each team the positions are: Goal defence, wing Defence, Goal Attack, Centre, Wing attack, Goal Keeper and Goal Shooter. it is probably best that you have 9 players, 2 sub's incase of injuries.

What sport team has 7 players?

NETBALL! Netball is the most awesome sport in the whole world especially if you play Centre or Goal Attack or Wing Attack but that's just my opinion. Netball has seven players in WorldWide and National and State netball but when you play it in your school Saturday Sport competitions there are usually a few reserves.

What position in netball does Irene van Dyks daughter play?

irene daughter plays goal attack and i think gd as well

Where is the goal attack in the netball court?

I'm not much of a Netball person and don't play but I am pretty sure that the goal attack is in the D of the Netball court .....but I'm not 100% sure like I said I'm not much of a fan so would wait for another comment but if running out of time for any reason I say go with the D

How do you play as a team in netball?

in netball you play as a team by working together to get the ball down to your teams goal third.

How has netball developed?

Netball has developed from a seven player game to a five player game. The five player game is called high five and is made for primary school children to play because it is easier. The players of this are centre, goal attack, goal defense, goal shooter and goal keeper

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