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around a 300 is considered pretty good. under 200 is shady and over 380 is really good. but it DOES depend on the age group

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Q: What is a good hitting percentage in volleyball?
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What is a good volleyball hitting percentage?

It depends on your age / skill level. I coach an elite u-12 team but at that age, a hitting percentage of zero is considered pretty good. Remember that hitting percentages can be negative, if you have more errors than kills for a certain number of attempts. For older, more experienced athletes, a hitting percentage of .300 is pretty good - think baseball!

What is disqualification in volleyball?

Double-hitting the ball.

What is placement in volleyball?

hitting the ball on an intended spot

What are volleyball clinics?

volleyball clinics are like practices and they review everything serving, passing, hitting, blockingg

What are the 3 decisions in volleyball?

Passing, Setting, and Spiking/Hitting.

Why do you have to have strength in volleyball?

You have to be very strong in volleyball because, you have to do a lot of hitting over the net and across the whole Court!

What percentage of people play volleyball in Canada?

The answer will depend on whether you meanwhat percentage of people in Canada play volleyball, orwhat percentage of people in the world play volleyball in Canada as opposed to elsewhere.

Does latissimus dorsi help in volleyball?

Only for hitting. They are on the sides of your back.

How are basketball handball and volleyball alike?

the all have to do with a ball . volleyball and handball are similar because you are hitting the ball. Basketball and volleyball are the same because you have to make a goal. baketball in the hoop volleyball over the net

What is dink in volleyball?

a dink... is like hitting the ball lightly over net.

What does a game of volleyball consist of?

hitting a ball back and forth over a net

What does a game in volleyball consist of?

hitting a ball back and forth over a net