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It really depends on what position you play. Shorter players should be guards, average-tall players should be forwards and centres should be tall.

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Q: What is a good height to be at the age of 12 if you want to be a basketball player?
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How do you adjust the height on a lifetime basketball goal?

you lower it to whatever height you want it at

What is a good height to install basketball brackets?

The height you install a basketball bracket at depends on a number of factors. 1) Do you want to play using the official NBA height, or lower it so you can dunk, etc... 2) Does your hoop support that height?The official NBA height is a nice, standard height to use.

How long do you need to practice in basketball?

if you want to be a good player, practice at least 3hrs. a day.

What classes would be good to take in high school if you want to be a pro basketball player?


Is a basketball player?

Is a basketball player.... what? What do you want to say? Just don't do this again okay? Thanks -annoymous

How tall do you need to be to play basketball at eleven?

If you want to play pivet, you will have to be one of the tallest person in the team and you should be very good at basketball. Height does not matter, all that matters is how good you are at offence and deffence and how well you play the game

I am 5'8 in height and want to grow to 5'10 or 6' Tell you how to attain it?

You could play basketball it makes your height taller.

What is the highest you want to dribble the basketball?

i think about waist height, but that's pretty high. Just above knee height

What experience do you need to be a basketball player?

To begin playing basketball, I would recommend being a good runner, in sprinting and in distance. Also, arm strength is helpful but not required to be a basketball player. Having good thigh and leg strength can help with running and while on defense. Honestly, to be a basketball player, the best advice I can give is to want it, have a passion for it, stick with it, and practice it. And if you do, I can guarantee you will be successful.

How long does a defensive basketball player have in the lane?

As long as they want.

What did Wilt Chamberlain want to be when he grew up as a boy?

wanted to be basketball best basketball player ever

What skills talents or personal traits are needed to become a basketball player?

To become a basketball player you would want to have a love for the game. You would need to be able to work well with others. Of course you would need to be good as well.

What should you do if you want to play college basketball?

Play high school basketball. Be really good at it.

How often can you sub a player in hs basketball?

as often as u want

How long does a basketball player practice basketball in a week?

That would depend on how good you want to become an hour a day would make you greatly improved and work on 2 different things everyday

What schools do you have to go to become a basketball player?

you dont have to go to a school of you dont want to but if you do just go to a college but what do you want to do just be a regular basketball player or be a pro basketball player which one shug but you should want to be somethingelse than a cornie basketball player do something better with your life like a doctor,dentist,veterinarian,nurse,constructer,teacher,lawyer or whatever just do something better with your life.

How do you tell your committed basketball coach you want to quit?

Tell him sadly that you just dont want to play basketball anymore and you think your no good

You are a basketball player in Cameroon and you want to play US college basketball because you think you are good enough?

Kid, don't give up your dream. If you are that good, keep your grades up in school, try out for the team, and play hard for minutes.

Is basketball player Gordon Hayward circumcised?

Why would you possibly want to know that

What is the minimum height of a ceiling for an indoor basketball court if the court will only be 60 by 25 feet?

Probably whatever you want it to be

What is the average yearly salary for pro basketball player?

A lot i want some of that mula

Why did Lebron James want to become a basketball player?

because he know that he has skill on the court when he get on there.

Can a player roll the basketball on the floor?

A player can actually roll the basketball too another player. You often see this on an out-of-bounds play when one team doesn't want the clock to start right away.

What is height of the badminton?

Varies from player to player, generally you don't want a a raquet longer than your forearm.

How Michael Jordan became the most famous basketball player?

first of all that is not how you write a question. now i will answer it. Michael Jordon got famous because he is the best basketball player in the world. now i suppose you want me to tell you how he got good at basketball?okay i will tell you. he kept training at home and at the you want me to tell you which park did he go to?okay i will answer that. ahem i dont know so get lost!