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Lets just get your question SIMPLY ANSWERED...

As most golfers go straight for the tee to the hole with some sort of competitive statistical mind which is absolutely ok... you want a simple straight answer and that is: A "good" as you put it would be between 130-100(FOR STARTING GOLFERS) and thats for someone who JUST picked up a set of clubs and went for the hole on the first day(Stated by an instructor and owner of my Golf club). If im not mistaken the amateur HCP(Handicap Index) is set at 92 so you already have a good start :-) if you shoot below that, you are beyond good sir regardless what wannabe professional or someone who thinks they are better than the rest say.

As there is no physical way to know how long, when, where, and who has been playing in those aspects. a good reference we will go on is this.. Lets say you been playing for a mere 6 months straight at 3-5 times a month non-stop.

The term "GOOD" can fall under so many way and all these people talking about regulation and question your question... Bottom line is a GOOD BEGINNERS POINT is around 130-100 and that was stated by a golf instructor. I myself started at 116 and played for two weeks and ended up at 92 as of now.


Do not worry about what others say as most tend to just want to bring you down. YOU JUST DO WHAT YOURE DOING AND FOCUS ON THAT SCORE, YOU'RE ON THE RIGHT TRACK AND YOU SIMPLY WANT SOME SORT OF PATH. Don't focus on the handicap at this exact moment because that will always change for each game. Wake up and eat you some breakfast, kiss the wife goodbye and hit the course, grab a score card and some Titleist Velocity or Pro-v1 balls and look at your pars for the hole you are going to play. Focus on making good, aligned contact with the ball and put focus on getting that ball on the green in 2-3 shot(i said 3 because we are not pro's but focusing on that will soon land you on the green in 2 by pure default as you improve).

Ex: Hole 1 = Par 3 (Depending on the distance and lets say 383yards.. get on that green in 2, if you don't NO WORRIES IT'S ALL ABOUT PRACTICE)

Hole 2 = Par 5 @ 586yards (Drive the ever living pee out of it and in process make sure your angle and alignment is good because if you are good enough you can draw around doglegs or cut right over trees and that takes strokes off botton line! Then take your #3H or #4H and kaboom that sucker(take your time honestly). But don't beat yourself up on that type of par 5 lol. maybe 3 shots.

You will be ok sir! You HCP will improve as your game improves. Take focus off the HCP and focus on your strokes and I promise you will have a better mindset to help you play better and your HCP will show you in the end as an added bonus ;-)

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Q: What is a good golf handicap?
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