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You can give customized shirts to a girl who likes soccer.

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Q: What is a good gift for a girl who likes soccer?
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What is a good birthday gift for a sporty girl?

it depends what kind of sport she likes

Is pefume a good gift for 24 yr old girl?

yes, but make sure she likes the smell.

Is a vintage signed jersey by my boyfriend's favorite soccer team a good birthday gift or is it just lame?

I think that's a really good gift!! if your boyfriend really likes that soccer team im sure he'll just love it. Its not lame at all.

What is a good gift to your brother if he likes baseball?

a baseball.

What is a good gift to give to your bf?

A great gift to give to your boyfriend depends on the status of your relationship. A good gift would be something to do with sports ( if he is into sports ) maybe a jersey or something even smaller like a little soccer ball statue kinda thing. Just try to listen to him and find out what he likes and from their make the decision. if he is not dropping you any clues don't be shy and go ask him what he likes, and then you can get the perfect gift for your special someone! And a hint if a boy is reading this ask a girl out to a school valentines dance, maybe a girl who you think likes you. Even if you don't like her like that you can still go asfriends, make her happy!

Does Justin Bieber likes a girl who is hot?

He likes a girl who is cute,has a good smile,and a good personality.

This one girl that is really good looking likes me what do I?

If a good looking girl likes you then you need to communicate with the girl and ask her out on a date.

What is a good Christmas gift for a girl?

I found a great gift here htt ps ://amzn. to/3r 0hekX

What is a good male boss birthday gift?

It depends on what he likes

What is a good gift for a father who is in a band and likes music?

an iPod.

Are nice gifts a good way to start a date with a girl?

It can be but you would then have to choose something that they like and not just what you like so for example if she likes soccer than give her a soccer ball or cleats.

Is Cinderella's dollhouse a good gift for a ten year old girl?

If you ten year old likes that sort of fairy tale thing then it's a great gift.Depends on the girl.

What is a good gift idea for your best girl friend?

you should make her a really cool gift basket of what she really likes. for my friendds birthday i made a cool zebra one with everything zebra..

What does Justin likes in a girl?

He likes a girl that has a good sense of humour, a good smile, pretty eyes, and a girl that doesn't wear to much makeup.

What are some gift ideas for senior soccer night gifts?

A good gift for a senior Soccer night would be Jerseys or T-shirts. Everybody's gonna love it and obviously its something that they can use. Also, a good gift can be a Soccer Coffee Mug. You can actually get the names of your seniors written on the mug and gift it. They may like that as well.

What is a good present for a 14 year old girl?

a gift card 2 American eagle, hollister, abercrombie, or any other store she likes

What would be a good birthday present for a girl?

If the present is from a boy to the girl she likes, the perfect present will be a flower with a letter, its so cute!, but if it is from a girl to a friend, it may be good, girly things like necklaces, bracelets, makeup, glasses etc... For a unique gift, try a membership to an online game site likes.

What is a good birthday gift for a dad?

Think about what he likes, his collection or his hobby.

What is a good gift for a big brother?

some thing he likes the most

What is a good birthday gift for a 14teen year old girl?

A good birthday gift for a fourteen year old girl would be clothes. Gift cards and jewelry would be good gifts as well.

What are some good gifts for girlfriends?

Depending on the likes of the woman/girl there are many different good gift ideas like jewelry, clothing, beauty-related products, gift coupons for spa, books, a romantic dinner and many more.

What is a good birthday present for a fourteen year old girl?

A good present for a fourteen year old girl depends on what the girl likes, and the influences of society. In any case, a general gift card or cash is a good present so she can get something she may need or want.

What are good ideas for you friends if you are a girl and have a limited budget?

You can buy a gift card to a store she likes. It doesn't matter how much $ you put on it, she can buy whatever she wishes for!!

What is an ideal birthday gift for a 26year old girl?

There can be many gifts depending upon what the person likes. A cool pen or a dress would be a good option.

Are knives a good wedding gift?

if the person likes cooking, fishing or hunting