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Greer and pretzels?

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Q: What is a good fantasy football team name for a New Orleans Saints fan?
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Is Jeff good at fantasy football?

No. He got lucky once, but he is not good at fantasy football.

How did the New Orleans Saints football team name oringinate?

Well, New Orleans is a good place to be. Theres great people and nice festivals/parties. There name probably came from how good the people are because that's what a saint is a good person.

Where can one find more information about New Orleans Saints' shirts?

Although it is not clear as to what type of information is wanted in regards to New Orleans Saints shirts there are a number of sites where these shirts are available for purchase. One can find a good selection on sites such as Football Fanatics, NFL Shop and New Orleans Saints Team Shop. These shops all carry licensed team shirts.

Where can one find fantasy football projections?

Fantasy football projections are available all over the Internet. Bleacher Report provides fantasy football projections for Arizona. The NFL official website is also a good source to find fantasy football projections.

Were the New Orleans Saints good in 2006?

They were better than good, they were great. They just didn't make it to the Super Bowl after making the NFC Championship for the very first time in New Orleans Saints franchise history.

What are good fantasy websites?

Barclay's premiership fanatsy football league

What Is Louisiana Popular For?

Good Food, Great Times, Mardi Gras, and the New Orleans Saints

What is a good fantasy football name using True Blood theme?

Area 5 Sheriffs

What is a good fantasy football team name involving Eric Decker?

eric upper-decker

What is a good fantasy football website where I can get start sit advice?

Yahoo! they have great start sit advice and rankings!

What are some good football teams?

The Packers,Steelers,Saints,Bears,last year Vikings,and some others.

Would it be better to start Brian Griese or Carson Palmer in fantasy football for week 4?

Carson Palmer. Griese is good but he's not as good as Palmer.