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In the little league in my town for 10-12 year olds the distance is 45 feet I hope this helps

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Q: What is a good distance for a ten year old pitcher to throw?
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What is a good distance to throw the shotput for a 13 year old girl?

Above 20 would be great. 30 and above is amazing.

What is the distance for javelin throwing for 14 year old?

The average distance to throw a javelin, for a 14 year old is 17-20 meters

What is the average distance for a 14 year old girls discus throw?


What is a good distance to throw the javelin for a 13 year old girl?

Im a boy but I would say a good 13 year old girl would break 90-100 feet, i dont really know thou

Does a pitcher train differently from players?

I know a pitcher trains year round for fast pitch softball. There are different drills that they do and most throw at least 100 pitches every day.

Distance for little league from pitcher to home plate?

For Rookie 7 (7 year old) division through the Majors (12 year old) division the distance from the mound to home is 46'. At the Junior division the distance is 60'6".

Is 65mph good for a 14 year old pitcher?

from 60ft 6inch that is a little bit above average if closer then no. it also depends when you turned 14. personally i throw low to mid 70s and i am just about to turn 15

Is a 6 year old frozen turkey any good?

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What is the pitching distance for 9 year old baseball players?

Its about 46 feet from the rubber on the pitcher's mound to the tip of homeplate.

What is an average throwing distance in shot-put for a 16-year old boy I can throw 27.5' and it was my first time ever throwing am I average I don't work out much?

if you dont work out at all then thats an average throw. usually in The mid 30s is a good average range.

Can a pitcher throw further than a centerfielder?

Thechincally it depends. Sometimes pitchers, when it's not their turn in the rotation, play an outfield position. Or, on several previous occasions, a pitcher can be hurt and not be able to pitch, but they play another position such as outfield. An experienced center fielder can probably throw farther than an 18 year old pitcher just out of high school (or vice versa).

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