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In the little league in my town for 10-12 year olds the distance is 45 feet I hope this helps

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Q: What is a good distance for a ten year old pitcher to throw?
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Does a pitcher train differently from players?

I know a pitcher trains year round for fast pitch softball. There are different drills that they do and most throw at least 100 pitches every day.

Is 65mph good for a 14 year old pitcher?

from 60ft 6inch that is a little bit above average if closer then no. it also depends when you turned 14. personally i throw low to mid 70s and i am just about to turn 15

What is an average throwing distance in shot-put for a 16-year old boy I can throw 27.5' and it was my first time ever throwing am I average I don't work out much?

if you dont work out at all then thats an average throw. usually in The mid 30s is a good average range.

How fast should a 15 year old pitch?

the average 13 year old throws about 65 to 70 miles an hour. there are some boys that can throw harder though (:

Can a pitcher throw further than a centerfielder?

Thechincally it depends. Sometimes pitchers, when it's not their turn in the rotation, play an outfield position. Or, on several previous occasions, a pitcher can be hurt and not be able to pitch, but they play another position such as outfield. An experienced center fielder can probably throw farther than an 18 year old pitcher just out of high school (or vice versa).

What is the average mph of a 10 year old pitcher?

Sadly no one has ever kept record for this

What is the distance a 14 year old boy can throw a javelin?

It depends, if you are still in middle school and throwing the 600 gram, the top prospects throw roughly 50 meters, but if you're in high school and throwing the 800 gram at 14, then probably around 45 meters would be good. If you want to be recruited you need to throw 180 feet minimum, but 60 meters or 200 feet if you want to make it big. I was one of the top u14 throwers in the country by throwing 50 meters, but a good thrower would throw 35-40 at 14 years old. Usually, there are 1 or 2 kids in high school that throw 70 meters, but 60 meters will get you basically anywhere.

How fast should you pitch by your freshman year of high school?

average pitcher-70 mph; good pitcher-75 mph; stud-80+mph

How much does a major league pitcher make a year?

The least paid relief pitcher in Major League Baseball in 2011 was 414,000 dollars. The highest paid relief pitcher that same year was paid 15 million dollars.

Why is the distance from homeplate to the pitcher's mound the same for a league of 15 to 17-year-olds as it is in MLB?

Homeplate DistanceI remember making the leap to the larger field and at first it feels pretty big, but basically at the age of 15 the kids generally do outgrow the Little League fields, catchers CAN make the throw to second and the shortstops and third basemen can make the throw to first. By this point, most of the kids who are still playing are interested baseball players so the pool of talent is much lower but the overall level of talent is much higher. Chances are a 15 year old kid playing on the larger field has played since he was six. Also 14 year old pitcher regularly throw over 55 mph which on a Little League Field is VERY fastHe is right. At age 14, from a little league distance it would be very dangerous. (They actually have two different distances, high school is the same distance but Seniors isn't.)The hitters are also better in the bigs.Like for me, at 13 years old I throw 72, from a little league distance that could injure a kid.At 13 I was 4-10 80lbs., but some friends were 6-4 255, poney league bases were 75' This was a lot of fun!

What is a good pitch speed for a 15 year old baseball player?

well it depends if your a pitcher or if you play the field if your a pitcher a good speed is from 75 to 85 if your a fielder a good pitch speed is from 65 to 75 as long as you got a good changeup to back it up

Is a two-year-old prescription for cephalexin still good?

No. Wouldn't recommend using it, best to just throw it out.