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lets go what ever team it is

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Q: What is a good chant for cheer tryouts?
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What is a cheer chant?

A cheer chant is hard to put in words...this is an example of a chant: Touchdown touchdown!! hope this helps!

What time of the year are cheer tryouts usually held?

serious competition cheerleading tryouts are usually in May or June

What is a cheerleader's cheer called?

Umm a chant?

Can you make a cheerleading squad with your friends?

well you could make the cheer team with your friends but it all depends on how good you did and how good your friends did at tryouts

How do you to totally mess up cheer tryouts?

Show up drunk?

How does one create a short cheer for a cheer leading squad?

A cheer needs to have a rhyme or chant containing the team or players name. A short gymnastic routine then needs to be choreographed to fit with the chant.

What chant is used for cheerleaders to initiate the cheer stick?

"cheer stick, cheer stick, let the turtles rise."

How do you cheer up a olympic athlete?

Chant his or her country.

What do you do at cheerleading final tryouts?

You need to bring your A game because you're competing with the best of the best. They'll probably ask you to peform all your tumbling skills, jumps, cheer, chant, and dance. Some will ask you to stunt

What do you bring to cheer tryouts?

comfortable shoes and yourself is all that you should bring to a tryout they look for smiles and how approachable you are also good luck

How can you make it in cheer tryouts?

Smile, look confident, be loud, outgoing, know your stuff, be sharp in motions, dont be scared and have a good time!

What are the release dates for The Most Popular Girls in School - 2012 Cheer Tryouts 2-13?

The Most Popular Girls in School - 2012 Cheer Tryouts 2-13 was released on: USA: 18 June 2013

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