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Well, as a Chevy guy, I will have to remain objective on this one. I do not think that the Ford, Ferrari wars of the 60's have ever really even been matched. I seriously recomend if your deeply interested, further exploring the story I am about to highlight you on. It is well documented. And, one of the mechanical participants just sold at auction for just under 8 million,I think! Enzo Ferrari had a little car company in a little country called Italy. He wasn't a car manufacturer who was racing to gain marketshare, or set trends. He was a racer who needed funding, and sold cars to make it happen. Henry Ford Jr. (I think), took offense to the fact that this guy was winning all the races. In steps Carrol Shelby, and, the games began. Even being a Chevy guy, it brings a lump to my throat to think about it. Anyway, this was a time before power steering, and when cheating was classified as "enthusiasm" and not villianous. Racing was raw, and rough. By the time it was all over, Ferrari was owned by Ford, which is still true today. To finally answer your question, without hesitation, doubt, or resentment, I have to say the competition Cobra's, hands down. They attract an internationsl market, and numbers to match. There have been faster Chevies, and Dodges, but not at the right time, or, with quite the attitude, as those Cobra's. Hats off to Carrol.....Chuck.

Chuck, even though I agree with everything you say, the Ferraris, Fords and the sort were GT cars, not rally cars, Rally cars were: The Fiat Abarth (600 bored to 998cc), Austin Mini Cooper (1.275cc), Ford Escort Cosworth, Lancia Stratos, Audi Quattro, Toyota Supra, Subaru Impreza WRX 2.000cc, and the Mitsubish EVO 2.000cc (to mention a few). The fact that technology progresses with time, has made the Subarus' and Mitsubishis the fastest rally cars, but the Cooper was an amazing little rally car, winning the Montecarlo Rally several times. I would say that "In history" the little mini deserves the title, but the Audi Quattro was wy faster than that, and today a Subaru Impreza (stock, just out of the dealer) runs rings of the competition Audi car of the 80`s. Great question though.. IvoJara (BTW to convert cc`s to cubic inches divide by 16)

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make sure to get an AWD car. i suggest a Mitsubishi Lancer EVO or subraro Impreza WRX. those are the best rally cars out there.:)

You don't have to have an AWD car! Subarus and evo's are all well and good but they cost a lot to buy and rally prepare. I suggest something like a Honda civic or citreon saxo!! Both are relatively cheap to buy and kit out. Just look at Sebastian Loeb!! He started in a saxo and look where he is now!

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I would have to say as a consumer car the newest EVo MR even though im a soobie suporter

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Lancia Delta Integrale

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Q: What is a good car to make into a rally car?
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