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for a 12yr that's a beginner try to go with something not to heavy focus around between 26lbs and 28lbs. I think the kink launch would be a good bike for a 12yr old or the fit am would be even better. The eastern shovelhead would be good to!

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12y ago
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All mongoose BMX bikes and pretty much all BMXes in general use 20" wheels, which makes all frames very similar in size. Get one with brakes and you should be good.

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13y ago

i would recommend the mongoose thrive

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Twenty inch fit Homan.

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Q: What is a good bmx bike for a 12 yr old?
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How good is the fat boss bmx bike?

i heard its good for 12 year olds, i wanted one myself but youll probably soon out grow it

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What is a good but cheap dirt bike for a 12 year old?

a xr 100

Is bike Attack racing game good for 12 years old?

Many games are available for children with many names like crazy bike rider, bike attack game, if these games are good for 12-year-old children any bad effect?

What size bike is good for a 12 year old?

The boy's height would be more relevant than his age. The basic requirement is that when he straddles the bike he should have an inch or two of clearance between his crotch and the top tube of the frame. But what you really need to consider is what he wants to do with the bike. A BMX is more of a piece of sports equipment than a bike. If you want to take your kid on rides with you a BMX isn't particularly well suited, they're meant to be ridden very energetically out of the saddle during fairly short bursts. Many think of BMX bikes as being suitable kids bikes because their overall size is small, but that's pretty far from the truth. Usually they come with 170-180 mm cranks for instance, and that is the same length as for full-sized adlut road bikes for instance. Same goes for the handlebar. If your kid, when he's in the saddle ends up with the handlebar at about face height it's far too high for him to be able to ride effectively. Anyway it's not like you have a lot to choose from, as 20" bikes have a solid domination over the market.

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What cc should a 12 year old's first dirt bike be?

I am actually 12, so take this seriously...... I am 5'0 and own a Honda CRF150f and I fit it absolutely PERFECTLY!! <(meaning I can touch with one foot flat on the ground....)> It has plenty of power for a trail bike but I highly recommend getting new knobby tires because the stock tires are kind of on the slippery side.... And I will take weight into consideration, because it is pretty heavy.... (meaning it is 230 pounds...the same weight as a 250 4 stroke....) But.....Your parents could pick it up or other riders, etc. Otherwise, if your into racing, maybe a Honda CRF150r/CRF150r expert. For a 2 stroke, I would get an 85 of some sort...... Or even a KTM 105sx. I hope this helps and BTW, that other guy was stupid saying they should get a 70 or 80 4 stroke. That's just rediculous.

How old do you need to be to operate a dirt bike in Massachusetts?

You have to be 12 years old.

How old do you have to be to ride a dirt bike in Philadelphia?

you have to be at least 12